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Panty Sanitary Napkin is a Necessity of Epidemic Prevention Materials

Sanitary napkins, tampons, pads, panty sanitary napkin and other sanitary products are the daily necessities of most women. In the front line of anti epidemic with a large number of female medical staff, panty sanitary napkin is also an essential material in anti epidemic work.

Importance of panty sanitary napkin

Panty sanitary napkin, or period diaper, is a piece of super long night sanitary napkin fixed in disposable underwear. Although they look like adult diapers, they are made of different materials. Menstrual blood is more viscous than urine, but the amount is not as large as urine. Period diaper can absorb more viscous menstrual blood, but the material is lighter and thinner and more convenient to move. Compared with sanitary napkin, its absorption is greater, there is no need to worry about side leakage and frequent replacement. Although cotton slivers are also easy to use, some women are not used to using cotton slivers, which is more difficult to buy in closed areas; Most importantly, the sliver needs to be replaced frequently, no more than 8 hours at most. Otherwise, the risk of toxic shock syndrome will increase.

Advantages of panty sanitary napkin as epidemic prevention materials

Some people suggest that female medical staff can take short acting contraceptives to delay menstruation next month. However, short acting contraceptives are not suitable for everyone. Some women have a high risk of thrombosis. Some women will bleed irregularly after taking medicine, and some women will have headaches, nausea and other discomfort. Women's health care who are suitable for taking medicine can certainly have one more choice, but it can't be forced to use by everyone.

Through comparison, it can be seen that period diaper has incomparable advantages for female doctors and nurses who often wear protective clothing for several hours (the wearing and taking off steps are also cumbersome) and are unable to change sanitary napkins frequently. In the front line of the serious epidemic, there is actually another advantage - reducing the consumption of underwear.

Before leaving the contaminated area, the medical staff should wash and disinfect all their clothes. Considering that there is no place to dry after cleaning and disinfection, some medical staff choose to throw them away without taking them away, so the consumption of underwear is very large. Period diaper not only ensures the physiological hygiene of medical care, but also can be directly thrown away after use, which is very convenient. It is really very friendly during menstruation for female medical staff fighting in the front line.

Professional and dedicated female workers are an important force in the fight against the epidemic. However, if women's hygiene products cannot be supplied in time, it means that more than half of the medical staff will affect their work efficiency because of the physiological period. Panty sanitary napkin not only ensures the physical health of female medical staff, but also ensures the effectiveness of anti epidemic work. It is a necessity of anti epidemic materials!


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