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Analyze the Adult Diaper Market Behind 60s - 70s People

Because the population of more than 60 has increased significantly in recent years, it has added impetus to the rapid development of silver economy. Recently, JD Com supermarket, According to the report jointly released by com consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, more and more silver haired people tend to surf the Internet, and online shopping is more common among the elderly, of which 46% of silver haired people like JD best Com shopping. Silver haired people in JD Com has the highest proportion of buying care, health and other elderly products, among which the elderly in first tier cities prefer to buy adult diapers Incontinence diapers Disposable diapers, followed by beverage mix and nutritional health products; In low tier cities, the sales of beverage preparation, health care equipment, nutrition and health and other elderly products will be relatively high.

Silver haired people in first tier cities prefer to buy adult diapers

Liu Hui, President of Jingdong consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, said that groups over the age of 55 continued to grow significantly in terms of online shopping frequency and the number of online shopping orders. The scale of this consumer group is expanding, their online shopping habits are also forming, and the purchase categories are also expanding.

According to the report, the lives of 60 / 70 people have completely penetrated into online shopping, accounting for 31% of online shopping 2-3 times a week. For them, they have a wider range of choices and a full range of things that can be delivered to the door. Better prices are the reason why they choose to shop online. They value the convenience of online shopping most.

In the choice of Internet channels, 46% of silver haired people like to use JD COM, like in JD Com purchases products with high quality, high price and emergency use. At the same time, 56 + people are gradually used to solving some health-related product and service needs through the network.

Liu Hui said that based on the data of elderly goods purchased by 56 + users, the sales volume of diapers and wipes ranked first in first tier cities, second in second tier cities and fourth in low tier cities. Consumption awareness showed an obvious regional transmission process. With the help of their own learning and children, the elderly in high-line cities are gradually aware of the significant improvement of incontinence products on the quality of life, while the elderly in low-line cities still need market education.

Adult diapers should be "good-looking" and "easy to use"

The report shows that there are more and more diversified application scenarios for adult diapers, including travel, long-distance bus, unable to sleep at night, short-term going out, etc. Based on the above scenarios, users also put forward requirements for diapers, such as no trace, large absorption, easy replacement and small volume. Not only that, consumers' demand for incontinence products also extends from being able to use to being easy to use and good-looking. The user needs of incontinence products show diversified and personalized characteristics from antibacterial technology and skin softening design to suitable size and comfortable tailoring, and then to appearance color.

One of the most common disabilities of the elderly today is urinary incontinence. Pelvic floor muscle weakness, overweight, urinary tract infection, gynecological diseases and neurological disorders are all important factors leading to urinary incontinence. At present, China's adult incontinence care industry is still in the primary stage of development. Adult diapers, incontinence diapers and disposable diapers have low penetration and low per capita in China. With the improvement of personal health care awareness of the elderly, they are willing to use health care aids and personal health care products when their bodies are aging. Based on this, the popularity of these products is gradually increasing.


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