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Cotton soft skin friendly sanitary napkin and mesh sanitary napkin?

I once read a report that the menstrual period of an average woman's life is 35 years, with an average of 5 days at a time. 2100 days in her life are plagued by menstruation. If you calculate, there are a total of 575 years, and tens of thousands of cotton soft skin sanitary napkins will be used. For almost 6 years, I have to keep company with menstruation, and all exercise should be stopped during the physiological period. If I take two more steps, I'm worried about lateral leakage, and I'm crazy when I think about it.

You should know that women's private places are generally wet and easy to breed bacteria. If you use sanitary napkins that are not close to your body, uncomfortable and have weak suction, the sanitary napkins will instead become Petri dishes for bacteria, which will not only make the menstrual period easier, but also induce various gynecological problems. Now there are mesh sanitary napkins and cotton soft skin friendly sanitary napkins on the market. Which is better?

Advantages and disadvantages of cotton soft skin friendly sanitary napkins and mesh sanitary napkins

The professional term of cotton soft skin friendly sanitary napkin is called PE perforated membrane surface sanitary napkin. The PE surface plus microporous design can make menstrual blood not easy to seep back and make users feel dry. However, due to the hard fabric, the increased friction leads to discomfort, and it is easy to have the symptoms of itchy and painful private skin. Even redness, swelling and pain. Therefore, parents with sensitive skin should not choose the net surface. It's better to change it frequently, and it's cleaner and hygienic.

The soft cotton surface is a sanitary napkin product with pure cotton, natural non-woven fabric or imported mesh as the main material, which not only ensures that the product surface feels soft and comfortable and moves freely when in contact with the skin, but also will not stimulate the skin, and will not cause skin redness, swelling or abrasion due to the friction between the skin and the sanitary napkin in daily activities. However, it is determined that the absorption effect and reverse osmosis effect are not as good as the mesh.

Considering that different sanitary napkins have different characteristics and have their own advantages and disadvantages, ladies can consider taking this advantage to make up for each other's shortcomings, interactive use and comprehensive care. However, in order to avoid various gynecological problems, it is necessary for women to use cotton soft skin friendly sanitary napkin. With its comfortable use feeling and soft and delicate lightweight fabric, it is welcomed by people for its comfortable use feeling of fitting curve and preventing side leakage, so that the physiological period is no longer bound and the embarrassment of side leakage is relieved.


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