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Advantages and Disadvantages of Space7 and Always Period Diaper

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Today, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the famous period diaper brand I have used, so that people with the same demand can have a reference significance.

SPACE7 period diaper

It's the biggest brand that I'm surprised to buy, but it's not the biggest brand. I can only buy it in the mall, but it's not the biggest brand. I'm very worried about it.

Advantages: with portable packaging, it is best to buy in the case of "2 + 1". And the goods have high waist, large ductility, complete yards and large distribution volume. You can find them everywhere. Frankly speaking, even when a big brand like gaojiesi hasn't paid attention to waist elasticity, space7 has already done very well in this regard.

Disadvantages: it's not very soft. The lap of lace on my legs feels obvious when I just put it on, but I don't feel uncomfortable with my sensitive skin, which is life-threatening.

ALWAYS period diaper

This brand released this product relatively late, but now the distribution volume is very large. It often engages in the activity of buying one for one, and it is also very good to store some goods.

Advantages: there are S-M and m-l2 sizes. I always buy a larger size and wear it comfortably. This model combines the advantages of current products in the market and belongs to ordinary products.

Advantages: due to the late release, there are no slot points, the overall is ordinary, the distribution range is wide, and it is also due to the late release, so the activity intensity is high, that is to say, it often engages in activities.

Disadvantages: this appearance design is really like a baby's diaper. Some shy ladies and sisters avoid buying it. In addition, this waist circumference is not as high as the previous paragraph. The area reserved for the chubby little sister is not large, but it only needs no more than 140 kg.

Generally speaking, if it is a fatter figure, the preferred period diaper is space7. If it is a standard  figure, you can choose another one.


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