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Feasibility Analysis of Intelligent Adult Pull-ups research

With the rapid development of society and the improvement of medical level, the phenomenon of aging is becoming more and more serious. At present, about 40 ~ 50 million elderly people have lost their ability to take care of themselves, accounting for about 16% ~ 20% of the elderly population. In addition, China's elderly diabetes population of about 35 million 500 thousand, accounting for 25% of the world's elderly diabetic patients, ranking first in the world, this proportion is still rising. Long term hyperglycemia in diabetics usually leads to other complications, such as cardiovascular, eye, hand, foot, kidney and brain. However, the current family self diagnosis method needs to use the venous blood around the fingertip, and long-term acupuncture and moxibustion brings pain to patients. Therefore, the research on intelligence adult pull-ups, disposable pull-ups and adult incontinence products should be produced according to the demand.

Adult pull-upsis the key to urinary incontinence

In addition, most elderly people with disabilities and medical institutions are usually accompanied by urinary incontinence and need to wear adult pull-ups for a long time. Urinary incontinence will not only affect the life of such people, but also for the elderly who can't take care of themselves, adult pull-ups can't be replaced in time, which will lead to skin redness and other problems. At the same time, urine is an ideal sample for early disease analysis. Glucose, uric acid, urea, protein and inorganic salts in urine are important signs of disease.

For example, only a small amount of glucose in normal human urine is excreted with urine. Only when the human blood glucose continues to rise above a certain threshold, or kidney disease, can glucose be fully absorbed, and the remaining glucose will be discharged with urine to form urine sugar. If the uric acid concentration in the body is at a high level for a long time, it may indicate kidney disease. It is worth noting that in the current routine urine examination, the physical examination personnel often need to take a urine sample and then hand it over to the hospital's professional inspectors for examination. It has the disadvantages of long waiting time, high detection cost, expensive equipment and large scale. People with urinary incontinence cannot consciously control urination, and autonomous sampling is very unfriendly to them. As a daily hygiene product, it is a necessity for this kind of people. On the one hand, it can avoid the embarrassment caused by urinary incontinence; On the other hand, it is also an ideal urine sample collection container.

Promoting adult pull-upsinnovation in the era of intelligence

In recent years, the popularity of smart phones has greatly changed the public's lifestyle. It has played an important role not only in shopping, payment and entertainment, but also in health diagnosis. At the same time, the number of global smartphone users is still growing. In the medical field, intelligent wearable devices integrate sensors, wireless communication, data processing and other components, which are easy to wear, portable, micro, intelligent and so on.

This paper presents an intelligent adult pull-ups.disposable incontinence products sensing system, which aims to solve the detection problem of glucose and uric acid in the urine of elderly patients with urinary incontinence or disabled people, and timely remind relevant nursing staff or family members to replace adult pull-ups; Doctors or family members can view relevant test results online through smart phones.


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