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Research on Intelligent Adult Diapers

In recent years, the proportion of disabled elderly people who have lost speech and action ability in the total population has become higher and higher. Usually, these elderly people also suffer from chronic diseases such as urinary incontinence, diabetes and gout. They need regular urine tests to determine their physical condition. The concentration level of relevant disease markers in urine is an important basis for doctors to diagnose diseases and curative effects. In hospitals, patients need independent sampling, and inspectors rely on urine analyzers to detect and analyze urine. This test method is very difficult for the disabled elderly with bed incontinence. These people usually need to wear adult diapers Incontinence diapers paper-based incontinence products to solve the problem of incontinence. To solve the above problems, this paper studies an intelligent adult diaper sensing system combining biosensors and products, designs a detection device that can obtain the sensor signal, realizes the online detection of disease markers in urine, and uses the wireless communication module to send the detection results to the Smartphone Application. With authorization, clinicians, nurses in charge and patients' families can view the test results through mobile phones at any time.

Preparation of intelligent adult diapers

Glucose and uric acid sensors based on polyethylene terephthalate were prepared. The working electrode was modified with tetrathiofulvalene, and glucose oxidase or uric acid oxidase was fixed with glutaraldehyde. In addition, a self expanding "valve" is proposed to control the amount of urine entering the sensor. The hardware circuit of the detection device used to obtain the sensor signal is designed, and the main control chip, calculation amplifier, power chip, wireless module and display module are selected. The voltage with the output accuracy of the reference power chip within ± 1% is used as the reference for the virtual ground of the constant potential circuit and the analog-to-digital converter to ensure the accuracy of the detection device. At the same time, the connection circuits of constant potential circuit, signal acquisition and conditioning circuit, wireless communication module and display module are designed.

Programming of intelligent adult diapers

Compile the lower computer program of the detection device, develop the smartphone app software based on Android, and build the server platform used by the app. Cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry are programmed in C language. The voltage scanning rate can reach 1.2mv/s and the sampling interval is 0.5mv/s ls.The useless noise in the original signal is removed by the moving average filtering program. The results calculated by the main control chip will be presented on the OLED screen. The detection results are synchronously sent to the Smartphone Application by the wireless module in the detection device. The main functions of the application include: user registration and login; Wireless connection with test device; Wireless reception of test results; Data visualization and local storage; Database in data upload server; Query test results in different places. Write the back-end program of server platform under Windows computer to realize the remote storage of detection data; Authorized users such as clinicians, competent nurses and family members can use the application to view the test results.

In addition, the anti-interference experiments of the biosensor were carried out, which showed that the two sensors had interfering substances such as ascorbic acid and potassium chloride. Finally, through the actual test of volunteers wearing intelligent diapers, the feasibility of the intelligent system applied to adult diapers, incontinence diapers and paper-based incontinence products is verified.


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