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Parts Repair of Training Pants Equipment

The loss of working capacity of the machine is called failure, and the loss of specified working capacity of training pants equipment components is called failure. The failure of training pants equipment is inseparable from the failure of parts. Faults such as deformation, fracture and corrosion of parts caused by normal wear or physical and chemical changes of parts are also called natural faults. The repair methods of the parts of the training pants equipment failure and the precautions of dismantling the equipment during repair are also highly valued!

Parts maintenance method of training pants equipment

Repair method for restoring both fit property and part shape and size:

(1) Welding repair method

Metal welding is to firmly combine the separated metal weldments into a whole through the diffusion and connection between atoms. According to different welding equipment, including electric welding and gas welding. Many broken and worn parts are mostly repaired by repair welding and surfacing. After welding, some parts are rolled and ground to restore the original geometry and size.

(2) Complementary casting method

After the Babbitt alloy of sliding bearing is worn to the limit, the residual alloy melting channel is removed and a new Babbitt alloy process is re cast, which is called make-up casting method. This method can completely restore the performance standard of the old sliding bearing.

(3) Electroplating (brush plating, electric coating) method

Electroplating is a process in which metal is deposited on the surface of plated parts by electrochemical reaction when direct current passes through the electrolyte.

(4) Spraying and welding

Spraying is to spray the melted material particles on the surface of the prepared rough parts with high-speed air flow to form a relatively firm mechanical bonding layer.

Spray welding process is developed on the basis of spraying process. It remelts the sprayed layer and obtains a layer of coating similar to surfacing on the surface of parts.

(5) Bonding and patching method

Bonding is a repair process that uses the chemical, physical and mechanical comprehensive force between adhesive and parts to bond parts or repair defects such as cracks, holes and wear of bonded parts.


Precautions for disassembly of training pants equipment

(1) Preparation before disassembly

  1. The workplace should be spacious, bright, flat and clean.
  2. The disassembly tools are fully prepared and of appropriate specifications.
  3. Prepare the bench, partition basin and oil drum for parts according to different purposes

(2) Basic principles of mechanical disassembly

  1. According to the model and relevant data, the structural characteristics and assembly relationship can be clear, and then the disassembly methods and steps can be determined.
  2. Correctly select tools and equipment. When it is difficult to decompose, first find out the causes and take appropriate measures to solve them. It is not allowed to knock violently to prevent damage to parts and tools, and it is not allowed to use measuring tools and pliers instead of hammer to cause damage.
  3. When disassembling parts or assemblies with specified directions and marks, the directions and marks shall be recorded clearly. If the marks are lost, they shall be marked again.
  4. In order to avoid damage or loss of the removed parts, they should be stored separately according to the size and accuracy of the parts, placed according to the disassembly order, and the precision and important parts should be specially stored.
  5. The removed bolts and nuts shall be installed back in place without affecting the repair, so as to avoid loss and facilitate assembly.
  6. Disassemble on demand. For individual parts that can be judged to be in good condition without disassembly, it can not be disassembled. On the one hand, it can save time and labor, on the other hand, it can avoid damage and reduce the assembly accuracy of parts in the process of disassembly and assembly. However, the parts to be disassembled must be disassembled. It is not easy and careless, so that the repair quality can not be guaranteed.


After the training pants equipment is repaired, a comprehensive inspection is required, which is not only the comprehensive quality appraisal after maintenance, but also an important link to ensure the good performance, safety and reliability of mechanical equipment after delivery.


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