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Why Do Many Foreign Women Use Menstrual Cups?

Menstrual period is a manifestation of a woman's maturity, usually the first menstrual cramps around the age of 13 to 14, and then once a month, until the age of 50 to 55. Most women in my country choose sanitary napkins, but women in Western countries choose menstrual cup and menstrual tampons. What is menstrual cup?

1.Menstrual cup Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

The biggest advantage of this product is that it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and can be used continuously. Sterilize it at high temperature immediately after use, and it can be reused next time. In addition, many women are troubled by the side leakage of menstrual blood, and the side leakage rate is very low. Because it uses the basic principle of differential pressure, it will not fall off and will not leak if used properly.

2.Menstrual cupwill not affect women's activities

The product is particularly convenient to use and does not interfere with daily activities. In addition, menstruation cup has different specifications, so the selectivity is relatively strong. In addition, menstruation cup is very convenient to use, generally not easy to cause skin allergies, and improves the feeling of use.

3.Menstrual cup Warm reminder for use:

Although the product is favored by many people, it takes a longer period of time to integrate for women who use it for the first time. menstruation cup It is not a one-time product. Be sure to pay attention to disinfection and sterilization to avoid increasing the risk of bacterial infection. This product is only suitable for married women, not for virgins and young women. In addition, women with halos and gynecological diseases cannot use menstruation cup to prevent the spread of inflammation and increase the difficulty of treatment of gynecological diseases. During menstruation, use warm water and soap to carefully clean up menstrual cup, and use boiling water or disinfectant to sterilize menstruation cup after menstruation. The container is filled with water and boiled for at least 2 to 5 minutes, and it can also be soaked in disinfectant.


Menstrual cup has many advantages, so it can be loved by overseas people. If you meet the conditions, you can bravely try it.


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