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Why You Must Use Sanitary Napkins for Parturients?


When pregnant women give birth, the body’s resistance decreases. Unreasonable medical care and lack of attention to cleanliness can easily cause pregnant women to feel sick. Therefore, gynecologists say that it is particularly important to choose a professional and safe sanitary napkins for parturients for the health of pregnant women after giving birth.

Use sanitary napkins for parturients is the need for good health

Effectively prevent pregnant women from feeling qi. Generally, aunt towels are made of chemical fibers and contain chemical ingredients such as adhesives and whitening agents, which are very unsuitable for pregnant women. Relatively highly sensitive skin, it is easy to produce irritation and produce pregnant women’s feelings; general aunt towels The water absorption capacity is average, it is easy to leak and flow back, and it cannot solve the large amount of postpartum lochia after giving birth. During the whole process of use, the surface layer of the aunt towel is wet, cold and hot, which not only makes pregnant women feel wet and sticky, but also causes maternal discharge. Lochia also contains nutrients that are suitable for the rapid growth of bacteria, and it is extremely difficult to heal wounds in pregnant women. In order to improve the waterproof properties, many aunt towels increase the thickness of the product's lamination, but the waterproof properties are too high, and the air permeability and moisture permeability are poor. Suitable for women after giving birth. In particular, it is worth mentioning that many brands of aunt towels are not professionally sterilized, and cannot achieve the hygienic standard of complete sterility. There are obvious safety risks for pregnant women in sensitive stages.

Use sanitary napkins for parturients is comfortable need

Minimize the pain of pregnant women After giving birth, wounds are usually left in the private parts of pregnant women. Generally, aunt towels are designed for ordinary women and are made of ordinary synthetic fibers. Because they contain chemical components, there are many residues, they are easy to fluff, and the friction resistance is large. , easy to fall off, easy to produce electrostatic induction, very easy to irritate the sensitive wounds of pregnant women, and increase the pain of pregnant women. The survey found that within a week after giving birth, 50%-80% of pregnant women are very prone to depression. A key factor that causes depression in pregnant women is that the wound is too painful after giving birth. During this period, pregnant women not only have to solve the continuous 2-4 weeks of postpartum lochia, but also need to take on the responsibility of taking care of the child. The changes in hormones in the body and the anxiety that they need to bear during childbirth make the mother's physiological and psychological state in an unstable state. To stabilize the situation, using high-quality sanitary napkins for parturients can minimize the pain of pregnant women and give sensitive mothers the most personal comfort experience.

After giving birth, you must use sanitary napkins for parturients rigorously. This is not to say that you are squeamish, but to ensure a higher standard of hygiene, which can prevent a lot of risks that should not occur.


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