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The Difference Between the Elderly Pull-up Pants and the Elderly Diapers

Many people know that diapers can be divided into adult diapers and baby diapers. There are many elderly people who use adult diapers due to their inability to be self-reliant in daily life or other factors. Diapers have a large water absorption capacity and are more hygienic, which brings great assistance to caring for the elderly. So which is better for the elderly to use elderly diapers or elderly pull-up pants?

Urinary incontinence is very complicated. It is caused by the disease of the urethral sphincter, and the patient's condition is considered to be fecal incontinence caused by brain nerve damage caused by cerebrovascular disease. The patient's urine can be collected by inserting a urinary catheter, and there is no other way to use diapers for excrement. Do a good job of some daily cleaning habits to prevent the occurrence of bedsores. If you want to use it frequently, you can choose elderly pull-up pants, which is more convenient to replace. And be sure to choose something that is comfortable and breathable.

Elderly pull-up pants is very beneficial to the elderly with mild incontinence.

Since many incontinent elderly people are still able to move independently, after wearing pull-up pants, they can exercise by themselves in broad daylight. For the pull-up pants, its shape is the same size as the underwear, it is completely invisible after wearing it, the water absorption flow is good, and the three-dimensional guard does not leak sideways. Adult pull-up pants are more suitable for people who can move. For those who can move independently, pull-up pants are very lightweight and can be worn during the day to exercise by themselves. For pull-up pants , Its shape is the same size as underwear, it is completely invisible after wearing it, the water absorption flow is good, and the three-dimensional guard does not leak sideways, which is very beneficial to the use of minor incontinence.

Compared with elderly pull-up pants and elderly diapers, it is more suitable for bedridden patients.

For bedridden patients, his (her) activities are inconvenient, so the flexibility of diapers and the informality of the patient's body after wearing them are lower. Adult diapers actually work better for bedridden patients. For the elderly, they are different from babies in that they can manage their own personal behavior and do not get as much exercise as babies. So it's okay to use diapers and diapers. The only significant difference between these two types of products is the problem of urine absorption. Compared with diapers, the urine absorption capacity of diapers is larger. Especially for adults, it is better to use products with high suction. On the one hand, it is not easy to cause the elderly to wet the bed, on the other hand, it can also reduce the number of diapers used every day, which can also be regarded as cost saving. Therefore, from a comprehensive point of view, for the elderly, the use of diapers is a more suitable choice.


Nowadays, the demand for elderly pull-up pants in the market is more and more abundant, and the acceptance of the elderly is also higher and higher. It is a particularly good sales market.


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