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Optimized for Current Smart Adult Pull-ups Sensors

As the data acquisition center of intelligent adult pull-ups. adult incontinence product.incontinence pull-ups products, the role of sensors is self-evident. Once the sensor is fabricated, it needs to be used in conjunction with incontinence products. Generally speaking, its structure is similar and basically consists of four parts: surface layer, diversion layer, core layer and waterproof bottom layer. In this system, the sensor needs to be installed between the diversion layer and the absorbent layer of the product and mixed with fluff pulp and superabsorbent polymer (SAP). In addition, the other end of the sensor is connected with the detection device through a flexible wire and a connector. But traditional sensors still have many shortcomings, and there is room for further optimization.

Intelligent adult pull-ups sensor urine sensing process

When urine is excreted from the body, it first passes through the surface of adult pull-ups to reach the abutment layer, and quickly spreads to the surrounding to prevent urine from concentrating on one point and causing blockage. At the same time, part of the urine is directed to the location of adult pull-ups, the sensor allows a small amount of urine to enter by siphoning, and the disease markers contained in the urine react with specific enzymes immobilized on the sensor to generate an electrical signal. Excess urine is absorbed by the absorbent layer, and the bottom layer is made of non-woven fabric and waterproof bottom layer to prevent urine leakage.

Smart adult pull-ups sensor optimization

Most sensors used to analyze bodily fluids lack effective active control to eliminate the effects of some external factors, such as excess fluid and fluid flow rate. The sensor not only needs to get enough body fluid, but also needs to keep the excess body fluid out of the sensor. Therefore, in this design, a self-expanding valve is embedded in the inlet of the sensor sample channel. Inspired by the adult pull-ups absorption principle, SAP is an ideal "valve" material. After the SAP has absorbed the liquid, the channel will be completely blocked. SAP is usually made from a mixture of acrylic acid and sodium hydroxide. The sodium ions released when in contact with water increase its osmotic pressure, and the mutual repulsion between the charged negative ions swells the polymer, increasing the absorption capacity of water molecules.

Use blue water to observe the flow of liquid in the sensor channel and the action of the valve. For valved or non-valved biosensors, drop a blue drop of water on the front of the liquid inlet and carefully absorb excess water outside the sensor with absorbent paper. Next, add a colorless and transparent PBS solution at the same location. Under the action of the siphon, the channels of both are filled with blue liquid.

For the biosensor without the valve, the blue liquid in the channel diffuses into the external PBS solution and is stained light blue. In contrast, the biosensor inlet with the SAP valve was completely closed due to the water swelling of the SAP, and no blue liquid leaked. In addition, in order to explore the effect of the valve on the actual detection effect of the sensor, 8mm glucose solution was detected by the biosensor. For the biosensor without the valve, the response current of the sensor rose rapidly to 42uA, and then the PBS solution was dripped into the inlet to decrease the current for a short time. However, the biosensor with the SAP valve showed good peak current stability, and the peak current lasted for about 8 s before starting to decrease slowly. Comparative experiments show that the biosensor without valve is very sensitive to changes in the external environment, resulting in signal confusion and inaccurate detection results, and the current response of the biosensor with SAP valve is more stable. Therefore, biosensors need to establish an active control mechanism to lock urine in the reaction zone for better response signals.

With the continuous optimization of sensors, it is believed that the smart adult pull-ups, adult incontinence product, and incontinence pull-ups series products will be recognized by a wide range of consumers for their advantages of always protecting the health of users.


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