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Silk Soft Ultra-thin Sanitary Napkin Allows You to Follow Your Nature Freely During Physiological Period

Menstruation is uncomfortable, especially in the muggy summer, which is unbearable. What kind of sanitary napkin can you choose in summer to avoid stuffy and hot feeling? Recently, silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkins have been highly respected. Let's take a look at the silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkins pushed by girls.

Libresse silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin

This sanitary napkin has the world's unique securefit patented technology. The dovetail tailoring specially designed for women's body curve ensures that the light curve products always fit closely, so that you can move comfortably without displacement and leakage. All cotton soft breathable sanitary napkins are originally imported from northern Europe, pass the dual quality inspection standards of China and Europe, and have strong brand endorsement to ensure that they are green and natural, pure without addition, skin friendly and comfortable, and more comfortable to use; 4 layers create a 3mm ultra-thin 0 sense of existence, coupled with soft cotton ventilation, dry after ultra fast absorption, and all-round leak proof and reassurance of three-point diversion, which can still make you relaxed and comfortable in those days.


Kao silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin

If the sanitary napkin is of poor quality, it may cause allergy. The flower king imported from Japan is happy and elegant. The concave convex design of the surface makes it easier for the air to circulate, so as to drive away the sultry phenomenon. 0.1cm ultra-thin design, zero touch, easy and comfortable, zero burden. Widened and shaped wing protection design, reassuring design, there will be no disturbing gap. Japan's quality inspection requirements are the strictest and most demanding in the world, so the quality of all cotton fabrics used is reliable. The high molecular polymer absorption layer is twice the absorption amount of ordinary sanitary napkins, which can be absorbed instantly. The packaging materials used in all cotton soft breathable sanitary napkins are non-toxic, harmless and clean, and have sufficient tightness and firmness, so that you can use them at ease.

Space 7silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkin

This silk soft and light day and night combination sanitary napkin in Space 7 space uses silk soft cotton to make the surface layer, which feels soft and close to the skin, takes care of women's delicate skin, and is more practical. The sanitary napkin also adopts a light and thin design, which brings people a feeling free experience and allows women to easily spend their physiological period. In addition, the sanitary napkin is also equipped with a water lock ring and water absorption beads to make absorption faster.


Be careful in choosing sanitary napkins. Try to choose silk soft ultra-thin sanitary napkins instead of buying inferior sanitary napkins. Some poor quality and poor air permeability will cause local skin pruritus and gynecological diseases. Women's menstruation is a period when the body's resistance is weak, and they are vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the correct use of sanitary napkins must not be ignored.


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