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Design of Intelligent Adult Diaper Wireless Communication Module

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The emergence of smart adult diaper.paper-based incontinence supplies not only provides the function of absorbing liquid for wearers who cannot take care of themselves, but also collects components such as urine for analysis. After data collection, communication issues must be considered. Data communication can be roughly divided into two categories: wired communication and wireless communication. Its purpose is to connect terminal equipment with remote computer equipment, download or upload data, and realize resource sharing. Wired data communication relies on wired transmission, while wireless data communication transmits data in the form of radio waves. With the continuous improvement of communication technology and the increase of wireless devices, the wireless communication function of the terminal is becoming its necessary function. At present, mainstream wireless communication methods mainly used for portable terminals can be classified into the following types.

Introduction to the Wi-Fi hotspot of smartadult diaper

Wi-Fi hotspots can be seen everywhere in daily life and can be seen in various application scenarios. smartphones, computers, printers, etc. all have Wi-Fi capabilities. It is a wireless local area network technology, the main operating frequency is 2.4GHz, which belongs to short-range wireless technology. Now the technology has reached the current sixth generation, and the transmission rate has been further improved, which is nearly three times faster than the previous generation technology, and the frequency band covers 2.4/5GHz, which can cover high and low speed devices.


Introduction of bluetooth wireless communication mode of smartadult diaper

Bluetooth wireless communication technology is ubiquitous in many everyday devices, such as Bluetooth headsets, speakers, smart watches and other multimedia devices. Its advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. It is suitable for small battery-powered devices and has low cost, but the transmission distance is short, and it can only accommodate up to 8 devices, and different devices are not compatible. It has its limitations in some scenarios with a wide range, a large amount of data, and high transmission speed requirements.

Introduction to the radio frequency mode of smartadult diaper

Radio frequency is an automatic identification technology. First, the reader sends a radio frequency signal of a certain frequency to the outside through the connected antenna. When the signal enters the identification range of the tag, the tag activates the internal induction coil and generates energy after receiving the signal, and sends the information stored inside. The reader processes the relevant data and sends it to the microprocessor of the upper computer for modulation and demodulation. This wireless communication method has the characteristics of miniaturization, good durability, repeated use and safety, and is very suitable for access control cards, electronic tags, identification and other scenarios.

Through the demand analysis of smart adult diaper.paper-based incontinence supplies, it can be seen that the urine data and alarm information of the adult diaper wearer are sent to the work computer or home smartphone of the nursing staff through wireless communication, which is of great significance, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of the nursing staff and ensure the disabled Change human diapers in time, and master the important disease marker information in the patient's urine. In addition, most of the wearers are disabled elderly people who have been in hospitals or nursing homes for a long time. They are generally managed in a centralized manner, and the indoor environment is relatively wide, requiring wireless communication methods with long transmission distance and fast transmission speed.


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