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How to Choose Dry Mesh Sanitary Napkin and Cotton Sanitary Napkin?

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Women have become close friends with sanitary napkins since the day of menstruation. Almost every woman is inseparable from sanitary napkins, which have evolved from the original cotton strips to today's sanitary napkins. It can be said that sanitary napkins have also undergone a transformation. Although sanitary napkins have been used for many years, I believe most girls do not know the difference between cotton sanitary napkins and dry mesh sanitary napkins. They usually choose to choose at will, or choose personal things such as sanitary napkins according to their habits. Whether you choose dry mesh sanitary napkins or cotton, you can't be careless!

Difference between dry mesh sanitary napkin and cotton sanitary napkin

Dry mesh sanitary napkin mainly refers to the sanitary napkin made of various perforated films. The main material is polyethylene. Adding many micropores on the PE surface can make the sanitary napkin absorb menstrual blood quickly, so it will feel very dry. However, the disadvantage of mesh sanitary napkin also lies in its material, because polyethylene is a petroleum based material. Therefore, its skin affinity and comfort are relatively poor. When using mesh sanitary napkins, some women often feel groin friction, redness, swelling and itching, which are very uncomfortable. In severe cases, they will also have allergic symptoms.

Compared with mesh sanitary napkins, cotton sanitary napkins are more skin friendly. It is generally made of cotton or natural non-woven fabric. When in contact with the skin, it will not stimulate the skin, but will feel particularly comfortable. It is soft and delicate to use, and is more suitable for sensitive muscles.

Choose cotton sanitary napkin or dry mesh sanitary napkin

cotton sanitary napkin has better absorption and is also more comfortable; The main feature of mesh sanitary napkin is that its air permeability is better than that of cotton, which can protect local skin from moisture. But its absorption is not as good as that of cotton. Prone to side leakage.

If the amount of menstruation is large, it is best to use cotton sanitary napkins. And mesh sanitary napkins are more likely to cause allergies, while cotton ones are not easy to cause allergic symptoms. Cotton sanitary napkins are also divided into soft cotton and cotton. Generally speaking, cotton sanitary napkins are better. The material is also safer and has good adsorption effect on liquid. Under special circumstances, it is not easy to reverse osmosis without replacement for a long time, so it is more comfortable to use.

When choosing, girls can choose according to their preferences and menstrual volume during menstruation. If the menstrual blood volume during menstruation is relatively large, they can choose dry mesh sanitary napkins, while if the menstrual blood volume is relatively small, they can choose cotton. Of course, if your skin is sensitive, no matter how much or how little, you'd better choose cotton.


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