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What do you know about zigzag diapers?

Children are very vulnerable, so parents need to provide all aspects of protection for children. Especially for some details, we must attract the attention of parents and compatriots. Only in this way can children have a healthier and safer growth environment. For example, for newborns, the existence of zigzag diapers is very necessary! What's the difference between the zigzag diapers and other diapers?

What other types of diapers are there besides zigzag diapers?

There are three types of diapers: straight diapers, waist patch diapers and trouser diapers.

Zigzag diapers are suitable for newborns with less defecation and less exercise. Zigzag diapers should be clamped on the diaper belt or diaper pocket. Waist pasted diapers have straps or waist stickers on both sides, which are designed to be three-dimensional and can wrap the baby's ass. Most diapers on the market are waist shaped. There are elastic waist stickers on both sides of pants shaped diapers, which are very convenient to wear and take off. It is mainly used when training the baby to go to the toilet.


How to choose a zigzag diaper?

(1) Those with leak proof function are better

(2) Good adhesion

(3) Streamlined fit for a better fit

(4) Strong absorption

When changing diapers, touch the baby's ass. if the baby's ass is wet, it means that its absorption is not good. Products with good absorption can prevent diaper rash. In addition, if there is caking in the absorbent layer, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable and need to change the baby's diapers frequently, so when selecting, we should also see whether the absorbent layer has condensation.

How old can I use a zigzag diaper?

Wearing diapers for children is not to save adults trouble. Diapers can indeed reduce the burden of parenting and the disturbance to babies. We advocate letting nature take its course and giving up. However, as children grow up, their necessity for children will gradually decrease and their shortcomings will gradually show up.

Zigzag diapers are generally used for newborns. If you just want to save trouble and convenience, your child will be over dependent. If the baby is older and is still served by all-weather diapers, it may learn to hold urine later than the baby without diapers, so that it is easy to wet the bed.

Therefore, if you find that your baby often wet the bed after the age of 5, you have to think about whether it took too long to use diapers before? The baby has formed the habit of urinating whenever he wants. The bladder has no chance to exercise, so he can't control his urination and defecation.

Experts remind: Although the zigzag diapers are easy to use, they will form a humid environment, which is not conducive to skin health. Therefore, they should not be worn for a long time. It is best not to replace them immediately after taking off the diapers, but to let the skin breathe properly and keep the skin dry, which is conducive to reducing the occurrence of diaper rash. It is hoped that consumers should choose products carefully to avoid harm to the physical and mental health of infants.


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