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How to Choose Safe Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins?

What is the most annoying thing for girls in summer? The most annoying and unbearable thing is that it's hot and menstruation is coming! It's hot and uncomfortable. I don't dare to move. Pain, annoyance, dryness, stuffy, damp, as if all the tactile nerves of the whole body were focused on the sanitary napkin. So ultra thin sanitary napkins has been favored by many girls. So what should we pay attention to when choosing ultra thin sanitary napkins?

First of all, choose sanitary napkins. For every girl, the most important bottom line is safety and hygiene, which goes beyond all functions! Because a woman has about 2280 days of menstruation in her life, which is equivalent to six years, that is, she needs about 15000 sanitary napkins to accompany you through. Imagine how terrible it would be if 15000 sanitary napkins were unsafe and hygienic?!


Precautions for selecting safe ultra thin sanitarynapkins

(1) Look at the production enterprise, the best choice is the strength factory

When choosing sanitary napkins, we should not only look at the price and outer packaging, but also look at the manufacturer first. The quality of the production of powerful factories is more guaranteed. I believe that the sanitary napkins produced by those small workshops and factories without health security above must not be used by girls.


(2) Check the tightness, hygiene license and shelf life

The better the sealing of the package, the more hygienic and moisture-proof it will be. Ordinary plastic packaging is easy to be polluted after opening; Although cartons are good-looking, they cannot be automatically sub packed, which is not conducive to carrying.

Easy to pull and stick aluminum film packaging, which can be pasted repeatedly, which is convenient for environmental protection and sealing, dustproof and moisture-proof, not easy to breed bacteria and more hygienic.


(3) Health permits and shelf life cannot be ignored.

Many of the sanitary napkins discounted by supermarkets are about to expire, so we must look carefully. Sanitary napkins are sterilized by high-temperature disinfection. After all, the validity period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited, and there is no guarantee of sterility beyond the time limit. Therefore, if they exceed the shelf life, they may deteriorate and pollute even if they are not unpacked.

Most girls prefer ultra thin sanitary napkins, especially in summer. Because thin means no trace. No matter how tight your pants are, you don't worry about the back; Because thin means gentle. When walking feel naked, who doesn't love it? However, you should pay more attention to the above matters when choosing.


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