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Soft Cotton Sanitary Napkin is Not Equal to Pure Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Now there are a lot of inferior pure cotton with pure cotton sanitary napkins on the market, which makes us mistakenly think that "pure cotton material" = "pure cotton". We were cheated like having an "April Fool's Day", spent a lot of wronged money and suffered a lot of crimes of being "stupid". In addition, we often think that soft cotton is pure cotton. In fact, inferior pure cotton materials and soft sanitary napkins are far less comfortable than pure cotton, and their ability to absorb and lock water is poor.

Hazards of sanitary napkins made of inferior pure cotton materials

You know, according to the survey report of the World Health Organization, 60% of gynecological diseases are caused by women using inferior sanitary napkins during menstruation. Once the menstrual blood contacts the inferior sanitary napkin, more than 100000 bacteria will grow within 4 minutes. Every 2 hours, one bacterium will increase to 1024.

All these harmful substances penetrate into women's bodies for a long time, which may lead to gynecological inflammation and even cervical cancer in the worst case! Moreover, the inferior pure cotton sanitary napkin is not breathable at all. Especially when the weather is hot, it will cause skin redness and itching, and it is easy to sweat. It is not only unsanitary, but also too easy to infect gynecological inflammation!

Some are also likely to contain polyethylene, which is difficult to discharge into the body (because the toner is insoluble in water), increasing the risk of kidney stones

How to distinguish pure cotton sanitary napkin from soft cotton sanitary napkin?

Soft cotton sanitary napkin refers to the "soft feeling like cotton", and its main material is chemical fiber + adhesive. Many soft non-woven fabrics contain only a small amount, or even no cotton fiber. Its density is lighter than pure cotton, and can imitate the touch of most pure cotton, and the cost is controllable, so most of the products on the market are soft and soft.

Pure cotton sanitary napkins are light processed with natural cotton to form a clean pure cotton surface. Pure cotton non-woven fabric is to beat pure cotton fiber into a thin layer of fiber sheets with the same direction through spunlaced process, and then press it into non-woven fabric.

Tear off the surface of the sanitary napkin and burn it: when the cotton is soft, there will be thick smoke, the dripping of scorched objects, and pungent and unpleasant smell. The real pure cotton burns very fast without any coke dripping, and the residue after combustion is ash.

Female friends who are prone to allergies should choose comfortable cotton sanitary napkins suitable for themselves during menstruation! When choosing, try to avoid inferior pure cotton materials or soft sanitary napkins.


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