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How to Choose Light Breathable Diapers for Newborns?

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Every newborn is the heart treasure of the family. It affects the heart of the whole family from the moment of birth. For many parents, especially novice parents, how to choose light and breathable diapers for newborns is a big problem that has plagued them for a long time. This paper lists the following key points on how to choose light breathable diapers.

The key point of selecting light breathable diapers 1: good bacteriostatic and antibacterial properties

Does the baby always face the trouble of red ass? A large part of the reason is the micro bacteria around the baby's little ass! If the baby wears diapers for a long time, the microenvironment around the ass is easy to breed bacteria. Diapers with good bacteriostatic and antibacterial properties can effectively protect the baby's ass, reduce the probability of causing red ass, make the baby comfortable and parents more at ease.

The key point of selecting light breathable diapers 2 : the soft fabric is the basis of comfort

In addition to bacteria causing red asshole, which is easy to cause newborn crying, the softness and skin affinity of the fabric is also another important factor. The newborn's skin is particularly delicate. Slight friction can easily damage the skin of the little ass, making the baby uncomfortable and crying. The Le marks on the little belly and thigh also make parents feel distressed. Therefore, the softness of the material contact surface is also a major test point for newborn diapers.

The key point of selecting light breathable diapers 3: both dry and breathable and instant absorption are required

If you choose poor ventilation, urine absorption and absorption, your baby's ass will become wet and uncomfortable due to air tightness, urine leakage and other problems, causing problems such as rash and crying; Older babies will also tear diapers. In addition, some careless parents occasionally forget to replace diapers in time, which makes problems such as urine leakage and reverse osmosis more distressing. If you want the whole family to have a good night's sleep and ensure that the baby's ass is always dry and breathable, more comfortable to wear and better experience, you also need to pay attention to its performance of good ventilation, large urine absorption and good absorption.


The selection of light breathable diaper for newborns needs the patience and practice of parents. This paper provides some suggestions, hoping to help parents avoid detours, give the baby a beautiful and comfortable baby time and witness their vigorous growth!


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