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Precautions when Buying Menstrual Pants

menstrual pants are the most used hygiene products for every woman. Today, menstrual pants are in great variety. Women must take their own health as the premise when choosing, and don't be fooled by their gorgeous appearance and fragrant smell.

Moisture menstrual pantsis more likely to get sick.

Many women like to choose products with a large amount of moisture absorption, and feel that they do not need to be replaced frequently, which saves a lot of trouble. However, if the period pants is not replaced for a long time, the local blood accumulation greatly increases the humidity, and the local ventilation is poor, which is more conducive to bacterial reproduction and increases the incidence of various gynecological diseases. Therefore, no matter what kind of period pants, you should pay attention to frequent replacement when you use it in summer.

Don't be fooled by the scented menstrual pants.

Many companies have launched rose, jasmine, lemon, mint and other aromatic products. These menstrual pants smell nice due to the addition of different types of drugs, flavors or additives. However, a large part of these additives have not been tested to strict national quality standards, which is the main cause of skin allergies. If the skin is damaged, these allergens will also penetrate into the blood, causing abnormal reaction diseases of other tissues and organs of the human body except the genitourinary system.

Therefore, when using these daily necessities, it is best to use ordinary menstrual pants, which is ordinary and stable, and does not require special pursuit of novelty and speciality.


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