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Steps to Buy Sanitary Napkin Pants

Sanitary products are the most personal products that every girl contacts in her life. So what kind of sanitary napkins and pants should women buy?

Step 1 of buying sanitary napkin pants:

Choose products with sanitary quality assurance and regular brands. In addition to paying attention to the sealing of outer packaging to avoid pollution, check the product logo and try to choose the nearest products. In addition, it is best to choose small packaging.

Step 2 of buying sanitary napkin pants:

Each outer package and independent small package of good products shall be sealed smoothly without damage and leakage, with clean surface and uniform thickness. If you recognize from the hand feel, good products are made of fluffy pulp with strong absorption and good fluffy, so they are light and soft. If mixed with other pulp and leftovers, the product will be heavy and hard.

Step 3 of buying sanitary napkin pants:

Cotton surface menstrual pants are more suitable for allergic women. Cotton surface is more friendly to the skin and has good permeability; The texture of dry web fiber is easy to cause allergy. In addition, the impermeability function is very important, especially at night. The exuded menstrual blood is not easy to squeeze out, which can reduce the occurrence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

In addition, tampons should be used with caution. Because before using the tampon, unclean hands will bring bacteria into the vagina; Tampons are easy to cause damage to the vaginal wall and are difficult to cure due to long-term contact with menstrual blood. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use sanitary napkins and trousers during physiological period.


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