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The Correct Way to Use Diapers

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Every mother and father will inevitably deal with pants when taking care of the baby. Proficient use of products will indeed reduce the burden on parents, but for newbies, they don't know how to use them when they first come into contact with them. To this end, this article will briefly teach you some diapers considerations.

Change diapers frequently to avoid eczema

Although diapers is highly absorbent, will long-term use affect the breathability of the product? Some consumers report that long-term use can cause eczema in babies.

In this regard, Xu Riwei believes, "The impact is definitely possible. But with the development of technology, current products will use breathable PE film, which is breathable. Therefore, breathability can be guaranteed, but often Replace." Gu Chunyan, chief nurse of the breastfeeding room of Beijing Haidian Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that there are many reasons for infant eczema, not necessarily the product itself, but if you rely on the baby for a long time, it may lead to eczema. Because after the product has absorbed urine, it is impossible to keep it dry for a long time. If the baby's buttocks have been in a wet environment for a long time and are irritated by urine, it is easy to develop "red buttocks". Also, babies' skin is very delicate, and a little irritation can cause buttocks allergies. Therefore, she recommends always checking how the baby is wearing, and if it feels wet, change it immediately and don't rely too much on it.

Choosing the right baby diapers

Today, the topic of whether babies should use diapers is often mentioned by netizens. Some netizens think traditional diaperss are good, breathable, and cheap. Some netizens think that the baby diapers is very convenient to carry. Other mothers worry about eczema, allergies and other ailments.

In this regard, Gu Chunyan believes that this product is indeed very convenient, avoiding the trouble of frequent washing of diaperss, and it is very hygienic. If consumers buy quality products, replace them frequently, keep their buttocks ventilated, and apply baby buttock cream, there is little chance of adverse symptoms.

At the same time, Gu Chunyan suggested that consumers should tend to some big brands when buying, look at the raw materials used, feel soft and have no lumps. Get a diapers with an elastic waist so the baby doesn't feel blackmailed after dinner or a bowel movement. Buy a breathable bottom mold, such as a breathable polyethylene film in the raw material, so that the breathability is better. In addition, when the baby uses it, especially after the baby defecates, pay attention to changing it in time to keep the baby's privacy clean and dry.

Here also remind consumers that it is very convenient to use diapers before the baby is two years old. But around the age of two, it is better to use baby pants if it is not recommended.


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