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Are Training Pants Suitable for Babies?

In a large supermarket in Beijing, mother Xu hesitated in front of the shelf of baby training pants: I have bought many big brands before, but sometimes I take off my child's products and find some big pimples in them, which makes my child feel very uncomfortable to use. She doesn't know if it's normal? Similarly, a mother surnamed Zhang was confused about pants. Before she promoted the product, she asked the shopping guide: why does this smell when it is opened? Is this the smell of blue ink jet? The shopping guide said that this is the product of a regular manufacturer with product quality certification. So are the training pants and pull-ups suitable for babies?

The secret of strong water absorption of training pants

Many baby products manufacturers claim in their product advertisements that they have strong water absorption capacity of training pants, and some even claim that they can keep their skin dry for 12 hours. So, can it really absorb so much water?

It is understood that training pants are usually composed of three main parts: surface covering layer. Absorbent core and backing. The surface covering layer is close to the baby's body, which can promote the rapid penetration of urine, effectively prevent and keep the diaper surface dry. At present, the domestic market is basically the surface of non-woven fabric. Breathable non-woven fabric can improve the air permeability inside the diaper. Water vapor can flow outside the training pants to discharge moisture and heat in time, effectively reduce the possibility of eczema, soft and comfortable, and does not stimulate the skin.

Absorption core layer: this layer can mainly capture and quickly absorb urine. The dispersed urine can be diffused through the capillary to the whole core layer. Finally, absorb and store urine. At present, the core absorption layer in the domestic market is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and super absorbent resin (SAP). Bottom cloth: many foreign bottom cloth use more comfortable non-woven cloth, but due to the high price, the bottom cloth in the domestic market is still mainly composed of PE film.

According to experts, polymer water absorbent resin is a hydrophilic polymer. Its biggest feature is that it can absorb hundreds or even thousands of times the weight and absorb water quickly. Good water retention performance. The expansion force is great. The material is an elastic macromolecular cross-linking structure, which is difficult to separate water.

The training pants have no peculiar smell

In recent years, advertisements for baby training pants often mention the blue instant absorption guide layer, saying that the blue guide layer can quickly absorb urine and keep the surface dry. However, some netizens said that the blue diversion layer is blue thin cotton, which will give off peculiar smell when dyed.

In this regard, experts say: the raw material of the blue diversion layer is an odorless fiber. If there is an odor, check the source of the odor. He said: the main surface of the blue guide layer is under the non-woven fabric, which can guide the longitudinal flow of urine and greatly improve the liquid absorption capacity of the product.

In addition, Mr. Zhang, who works in a company specializing in the production of maternal and child health products in Beijing, said that the diversion layer belongs to polypropylene fiber. Blue is not dyed later, nor printed or sprayed, but naturally formed in the process of producing polypropylene fiber. Conforming to the national production standards is non-toxic, and the qualified products do not have this problem. He added: if consumers really smell the smell, there may be many reasons: perhaps the cleaning of production machinery is not in place, the wiping of alcohol is not in place, or there are problems in other production links. If the production process is carried out in strict accordance with national standards, the diversion layer cannot emit odor.

Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the water absorption of training pants and pull-ups, if the products produced according to national standards have no peculiar smell, they can be used normally.


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