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Real-time Detection Application of Intelligent Adult Pull-ups System

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The reason why intelligent adult pull-ups and adult incontinence product is named intelligently is that it can not only complete urine collection and analysis operations independently, but also detect data in real time. Ensure that the timeliness of data is not compromised. However, how to judge whether the real-time detection of the product system is effective requires further analysis.

1.Real-time detection experimental methodof intelligent adult pull-ups system

To verify the system's ability to detect urine from subjects, diapers embedded with electrochemical sensors were attached to normal adult male volunteers through interfaces and wires. Before testing the application, the intelligent phone turns on the wireless LAN function, searches for the "iosensor" signal and connects, uses the supporting application to connect with the test device wirelessly, and selects the corresponding test item through the test device menu. Due to the human body's daily diet and exercise Because of the randomness of the subjects, the fixed voiding time of the subjects cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, five different voiding time points were selected to randomly record the urine test results of the system.

2.Experiment results of intelligent adult pull-ups

Urine contains many important physiological information and has important clinical diagnostic significance. In addition, urine detection has the advantage of non-invasiveness and has great application value in the field of wearable detection. The system is used for real-time detection of healthy adult urine.

Male volunteers sit in chairs and wear diapers in the system, with an electrochemical sensor built in to detect glucose and uric acid in urine; meanwhile, the sensors in the diapers are connected through an external interface. The wire is connected with the detection device; the intelligent phone is connected with the detection device through the Wi-Fi signal, waiting for the detection result. The detection results of glucose and uric acid in the urine of healthy adult males. The glucose concentration is between 0.6 and 0.8 mm, and the uric acid concentration is stable at the concentration level of 0.17 to 0.18 mm. Although the concentrations of these two markers are in a very low state, the current responses of the sensors can show differences, indicating that the fabricated sensor has a lower detection limit and higher sensitivity. At the same time, the test results showed that the glucose and uric acid concentrations in the urine of healthy adult males did not change much, and the physiological ranges were normal.

When urine excreted by the human body enters the sensor through the surface of the diaper, the glucose oxidase (urate oxidase) immobilized on the working electrode undergoes an oxygen reduction reaction with the glucose (uric acid) in the urine and releases electrons. Under the action of the three-electrode system, the electron transfer behavior forms a weak current signal, which is converted into a condensed result of the corresponding logo by the detection device and transmitted to the intelligentphone application through the local area network. Authorized users, such as family members or doctors, can view test results on their phones. Using the upload function of the application, real-time inspection data can be stored in the server MySQL database.

Compared with the traditional urine analysis instrument, the intelligent adult pull-ups and adult incontinence product is smaller, easy to operate and low cost. The experimental results show that the system exhibits higher accuracy, sensitivity and selectivity in the detection of glucose and uric acid. Within seconds of the wearer urinating, the intelligentphone can receive the test results and upload them to a server. Expanded in functionality, the system could also help researchers uncover links between certain diseases and various signs of disease in urine.


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