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Function Debugging Verification of Intelligent Pull-ups System

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Intelligent pull-ups.toddler pants needs to carry out overall performance testing and application research, mainly including cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry and standard electrochemical workstation comparison experiments; sensors for different concentrations of glucose and uric acid detection experiments. Sensor anti-interference test; and discussion and analysis of the system's application experiment for human urine detection.

Experiment method of intelligent pull-ups system

In the system function verification, potassium ferricyanide/potassium ferrocyanide mixed solution was selected as the redox pair to verify the stability and accuracy of the system detection device. The Ag/AgCl electrode was used as the reference electrode, the glassy carbon electrode was used as the working electrode, and the platinum wire electrode was used as the alignment electrode. Before the experiment, the surface of the working electrode was polished by polishing flannel or alumina particles, rinsed with deionized water, then placed in anhydrous ethanol-water solution, and cleaned with ultrasonic waves for 3 minutes; then the working electrode was rinsed with deionized water. After the preparations are completed, connect the electrodes to the corresponding interfaces of the detection device and diffuse into the potassium ferricyanide/potassium ferrocyanide mixed solution to ensure that there is no contact between the three. The scanning rate of the detection device cyclic voltammetry was set to 0.022V/s, the high voltage was 0.6V, the low voltage was -0.1V, and the sampling interval was 1.2mV; the initial voltage of the chronoamperometry was set to 0.1v, and the running time was 120s ; The detection parameters of the electrochemical workstation CHI660E are the same as the detection device, and the above experiments are repeated.

Experiment results of intelligent pull-ups

The data obtained by the detection device is basically the same as that of the electrochemical workstation, and almost overlaps. When the scan voltage was uniformly decreased from 0.6V to -0.1V, only the initial and reduction peak positions, the data obtained by the device slightly deviates from the CHI66OE; then, when the scan voltage gradually increased from -0.1V to 0.6V, this part of the detection device almost It is completely consistent with the data measured by the electrochemical workstation. As the time increases from 0s to 120s, the current data measured by the detection device is almost identical to the current data obtained by the CH160E.

In addition, a consistent analysis of the data measured by the detection device and the electrochemical workstation is required. The Bland-Altman method is often used to compare two detection methods or experimental data obtained. Typically, one method is the gold standard method that is widely used today, and the other method may be a more advanced or convenient method. The method analyzes the data or graphs to judge whether the new method can replace the gold standard method. Both methods measure the same thing under the same experimental conditions, and the data obtained are always slightly different. Generally, two methods are considered to be in good agreement if most of their measurements are within the 95% confidence range. Therefore, when judging the stability and reliability of the detection device designed in this paper, Medcalc software was used to perform Bland-Altman data consistency analysis on the data obtained by the detection device and CH1660E under the same experimental conditions. The data difference between the detection device and the CV and i-t functions of the CH160E electrochemical workstation is basically within the average range of 1.96SD, that is, the data points are almost all within the 95% confidence range. Also, the difference between the CV and i-t curves can be seen. The average values are 0.03uA and 0.038uA, respectively, which indicates that the test data obtained under the same experimental conditions are almost close.

Bland-Altman analysis shows that the detection device can achieve the working performance close to CHI660E electrochemical workstation. It can also be concluded that the cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry operated by the detection device are used to detect pull-ups.toddler pants accurate and reliable data of the concentration of glucosuria in urine.


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