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Do Ultra-thin Sanitary Napkins Have to Be Breathable?

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Chinese cervical cancer patients account for one third of the world! Precancerous lesions are caused by small inflammation. Have you thought that the reason why inflammation is not cured repeatedly lies in sanitary napkins? A good ultra-thin sanitary napkin can stop you on the way to the hospital. However, not all ultra-thin sanitary napkins are breathable!

Hazards of air tightness of ultra-thin sanitary napkins in summer

Air permeability is an important standard to measure the quality of sanitary napkins. Those with good air permeability will be more comfortable to use and are not easy to produce peculiar smell; Airtight is very harmful.

Cause eczema; For sedentary office workers, blood circulation is difficult and private breathing is difficult. When the muggy summer comes, the airtight ultra-thin sanitary napkin is like putting on a raincoat for private parts, which hinders the spread of moisture, resulting in eczema, itching and unbearable pain.

Induce vaginitis; During menstruation, the private parts are wrapped layer by layer, which is easy to form a warm and humid environment due to muggy and lack of ventilation, so as to provide a suitable growth environment for bacteria and bacteria. Once the vaginal environment is out of balance, it is easy to let Candida, trichomonas and other bacteria invade, thus inducing vaginitis.

Increase the risk of cancer; Ultra thin sanitary napkins are daily necessities closely related to women's health. Women have 400 menstruations on a big date in their life. Research shows that long-term use of low-quality airtight can lead to gynecological diseases, even uterine cancer, cervical cancer and other malignant tumors.

How to judge the air permeability of ultra-thin sanitary napkins?

Air permeability test steps:

(1) Fill the cup with half a cup of hot or warm water and pour it on the surface;

(2) Turn the sanitary napkin over, with the bottom film facing up, and then buckle a cup upside down on the film. Use transparent plastic cups;

(3) Slowly watch the fog on the flip-flop cup. If the fog appears obviously in a short time, it has strong air permeability. On the contrary, it is made of impermeable plastic bottom film.

Features of breathable ultra-thin sanitary napkin

It is generally composed of surface layer, absorption layer and bottom layer. The air permeability of these three materials should be considered when selecting.

First, the surface layer should be pure cotton, which takes better care of the skin and is free from allergies and infections.

Second, the middle layer should be breathable and contain fluff pulp. It contains fluff pulp, which can instantly absorb menstrual blood, lock and prevent leakage, and will not make the surface wet, so as to induce eczema.

Third, it is best to choose breathable materials for the bottom layer to make the gas and water molecules pass smoothly, achieve the effect of timely discharging water, effectively reduce the dampness and tightness with the body and maintain a dry and fresh feeling.


Therefore, while favoring ultra-thin sanitary napkins, we should also make rational choices. After all, the market is so large, and the products are good and bad. A safe and hygienic product has a great impact on women's health!


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