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Loose Fitting Pull-up Pants for Babies

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Pull-up pants are used as a transition between diapers and ordinary underwear. They are designed for toddlers. It can be said to be baby training pants. Loose fitting pull-up pants are generally used when the baby is about one year old. After the baby can leave, urination also needs training. Therefore, loose fitting pull-up pants are more convenient, which is equivalent to wearing cotton underwear for the baby, which can achieve the purpose of training and prevent the baby from urinating.

What are the benefits of loose fitting pants?

It uses the same material and structure as diapers, but can be worn and taken off directly. It is more close and elastic than diapers. It is especially suitable for babies who learn to walk and excretion training. It not only has the urine proof function of ordinary diapers, but also has the elastic waist and the function of shorts.

When will loose fitting pull-up pants be worn?

It is mainly designed to adapt to the baby's crawling, standing, walking, running and other behaviors after the baby's activity ability is gradually enhanced. Therefore, the baby can consider using pull-up pants, especially after crawling (generally about 7.8 months), or when using m or l diapers, but remember not to be too early! During the transition period, it can be matched with diapers. Of course, babies can also use ordinary diapers. Pulling pants is just a convenient choice for mothers.

How to wear loose fitting pull-up pants?

When you put on your baby's pants, put them on like underwear. The specific wearing method is as follows:

The first step is to gently open it with both hands; The second step is to put the baby's left and right legs into the pants in turn; The third step is to gently pull up the pants, and it is best to make the back slightly higher than the abdomen, so as to prevent urine from leaking out from the back; The fourth step is to stroke the lower leg opening along the inner side of the baby's thigh to prevent side leakage. This is a key step to prevent side leakage. Mothers must not forget. If you take it off, there are stickers on both sides of some brands of products. You can tear the stickers off and take them off directly. For pull-up pants without stickers, you can also tear off the seals on both sides of the waist.

How to choose loose fitting pants?

(1) Look at the tailoring design

The biggest difference between pull-up pants and diapers is its elastic waist circumference. Therefore, Ma Ma should pay special attention to the elasticity and design of the waist and the elasticity and size of the thigh.

(2) Look at absorption

Whether it's diapers or pulling pants, hemp hopes to choose some products with fast water absorption and large absorption. The absorbability of pull-up pants is closely related to its absorption core layer, so you can focus on this place when buying.

In fact, the principle of absorbing liquid is the same as that of diapers. Therefore, in the selection of water absorption, you can refer to the traditional diapers. Even, when choosing the brand of pull-up pants, the mother can directly follow the brand of diapers that the baby has been wearing.

(3) Look at the softness

The baby's activity increases. If the material of diapers is hard, it is easy to abrade the baby's delicate skin. Therefore, when buying, you must feel the softness of diapers with your hands and choose soft, comfortable and non allergic materials.

Now, supermarkets usually open some diapers directly for buyers to observe. When buying, it's better to touch them directly to see if they are soft.

(4) Look dry and breathable

What mothers are most worried about is the red ass problem. When the air permeability of baby diapers is poor, when diapers are used, the amine in excreta can not spread effectively and accumulate in the baby's buttocks for a long time, resulting in a humid environment, breeding a large number of bacteria, stimulating the baby's skin and causing red buttocks.

(5) Men and women are different in choosing loose fitting pull-up pants

Commercially available for boys and girls. The pull-up pants designed by gender have different functions of absorbing and guiding urine in different positions, which is more targeted. Therefore, the absorption speed is faster and the leak proof ability is correspondingly higher. Mother should pay attention to this detail when choosing.

Babies can use diapers properly when they go to bed at night. Loose fitting pull-up pants are like the baby's second layer of skin, which will not affect the baby's walking movement, and can effectively avoid O-shaped legs!


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