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Why Does the Baby Wear Close Fitting Diapers and Still Leak Urine?

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Parents who wear diapers for their babies are basically worried that the side leakage of their children's diapers is not close enough. Once side leakage occurs, it is easy to wet the quilt and children's clothes. You need to change your close fitting diaper immediately. To make matters worse, children are prone to colds. The most common reason is that mothers have problems wearing close fitting diapers for their babies.

Precautions when wearing close fitting diapers

(1) Before wearing a close fitting diaper, hold both ends of the diaper and stretch it three or four times, then hold the elastic waist end and stretch it a few times to make the diaper elastic contraction good;

(2) There are three-dimensional side leakage prevention edges on both sides. Scrape up both sides by hand before putting them on the baby to avoid sticking them on the surface layer and reduce the probability of urine leakage;

(3) When wearing, try to let the baby lie on his back. Pay attention to the symmetry of Velcro stickers on both sides and the symmetry of front and back. The diapers should be worn correctly and close to the body, not too loose or too tight;

(4) After wearing, smooth the folds at the root of the baby's thigh, pull out the folds, and then check and tidy up the symmetry of the diapers

If this is done well, basically the child will not have urine leakage, but there is no absolute thing. A small part of urine leakage is caused by other factors.

Wear close fitting clothes. The reasons for diapers and leakage

(1) Diaper quality is not good enough; Poor absorption and water locking performance, resulting in urine can not be absorbed immediately or reverse osmosis overflow after being pressed.

(2) Diapers are not the right size; If baby diapers are too small, they will not only cause strangulation marks on the skin, but also leak urine.

(3) The baby's activity is large, and the diapers become asymmetric; When the baby is a little older, the amount of activity increases. The well-dressed diapers may be biased for a while, and then they will leak urine. Therefore, parents should pay attention to observation. If the diaper is biased, it should be corrected in time.

(4) The baby crawls and sleeps at night; The baby sleeps at night, leading to poor diversion, base note urine too much, easy to leak urine, sleep at the same time is not conducive to the development of the baby, oppression of the heart, recommended that the baby sleep after adjusting the baby sleeping posture.

(5) Urine saturation; The baby's urine volume is relatively large, or the wearing time is relatively long, resulting in the saturation of urine pants. At this time, the re urine absorption will be relatively poor, and urine leakage is easy to occur. It is recommended to replace urine pants in time to shorten the wearing time.

Finally, remind mothers to pay attention to applying 1-2 drops of tea oil on the baby's buttocks for nourishment, protection and isolation every time they change the baby's close fitting diapers, so as to reduce the red buttocks caused by urinary stimulation.


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