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Community Marketing Background of Training Pants

Since the implementation of the two child policy in 2016, the state has continuously issued signals to encourage childbirth, which is undoubtedly beneficial to the infant industry of training pants and pull-up pants. In addition, in recent years, China's economic growth momentum is good, the per capita gross national income has reached the level of middle-income countries, the people's living conditions have been greatly improved, and the educational level of newborn parents has also been significantly improved. These factors promote the average penetration rate of infant training pants to increase and the market scale to expand.

Training pants marketing under the background of Internet

With the rapid popularization of mobile Internet and the continuous development of logistics network, the change of pregnancy concept of young parents represented after the 1990s has had a great impact on the consumption behavior and marketing plan of the baby industry, and the baby industry is also facing transformation and upgrading. Especially with the rapid development of mobile Internet in recent years, a new form of social groups: virtual community. Members of the virtual community form a sense of belonging to the community by sharing content and discussing problems, so as to obtain various resources and expand social relations. The emergence of virtual community not only enriches the community types divided by regions in the past, but also changes the channels of information dissemination, shortens the distance between brands and consumers, and thus changes people's social communication methods and living habits. This means that the traditional marketing concept must be changed, and then the marketing mode of enterprises must be changed to meet the changes of marketing environment. Since 2015, there have been many new baby products enterprises in the baby training pants Market, which have changed the traditional marketing mode through the layout of social e-commerce channels and achieved rapid development.

Current situation of training pants marketing

However, at present, most enterprises conduct marketing through distributors, offline supermarkets and traditional e-commerce platforms. The layout of emerging social e-commerce channels is less, and the marketing methods pay more attention to product sales and lack the awareness of community construction. In fact, most of the consumer groups in the baby industry are baby mothers, and the portrait of the target group is relatively clear, so the community characteristics are more prominent. Community marketing on social media platform through mother baby community has become a new trend in the future marketing of baby diapers and other related mother baby products. According to the data of iResearch consulting, the transaction volume of social e-commerce in China has rapidly increased from 4.69 billion in 2015 to 1316.64 billion in 2019, and will continue to show an upward trend. In the new environment, community, technology and data will become a strong driving force for the mother and child industry, and community will be the main driving force.

To sum up, virtual community marketing is an important direction for the marketing innovation of infant training pants and pull-up pants, which will have a great impact on the marketing model of infant products. However, most infant product enterprises are still in the exploration stage of community marketing development. Therefore, through the background research of community marketing strategy, looking for research suggestions to solve the problems existing in community marketing of baby products has a certain practical significance to improve community marketing.


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