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Research Content of Intelligent Adult Diaper Sensing System

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For the elderly with urinary incontinence who have been bedridden for a long time, relevant studies have proposed and designed a set of intelligent adult diapers and adult incontinence products sensing system, which is composed of products embedded with biosensors, detection devices, smart phones and server platforms. It can be used for the online detection of glucose, uric acid and other indicators in human urine. When the wearer urinates, the sensor in the intelligent product reacts with the disease markers in the urine to generate current signals, which are captured, processed and output by the detection device; The test results are sent to the Smartphone Application by the built-in wireless module, which can store and visualize the test data and remind the nursing staff to replace adult diapers; In addition, the data can also be uploaded to the server-side database. After authorization, you can view the historical data of different mobile phones. The main work of this paper is summarized as follows.

Design concept of intelligent adult diapers

According to the actual application scenario and the shortcomings of existing urine testing methods, combined with biosensor, electronic communication and computer software technology, the sensor and its detection device are proposed and designed to detect glucose and uric acid. The detection device includes microprocessor, system power module, constant potential circuit, signal acquisition and regulation module, human-computer interaction and wireless communication module, which can realize the acquisition, processing and data upload of weak electrical signals of sensors.

In keil5 integrated environment, C language is used for program development, mainly to realize cv I-T detection function, signal acquisition and conversion function, software filtering function, detection result data display function, Wi Fi wireless communication module debugging; Develop smart phone application software based on Android operating system to realize wireless connection with the detection device, identify and receive the data of the detection device; On the server side, the springboot framework is used to build a web service platform to realize the function of uploading detection data, which can be stored in large capacity and displayed visually for a long time.

System research and test of intelligent adult diapers

The test and application of the system are studied. The CV and I-T functions of the detection device were tested with potassium ferricyanide potassium ferrocyanide solution, and compared with chi660e of electrochemical workstation. The results show that the performance of the device is close to that of electrochemical workstation. The basic performances of glucose sensor and uric acid sensor are tested. The results show that both sensors have high sensitivity, stability and anti-interference. Finally, through the test experiment of volunteers wearing intelligent adult diapers, the feasibility of the system is verified.

Compared with the current traditional products, the research on Intelligent adult diapers and adult incontinence products is undoubtedly a major breakthrough. While maintaining the basic performance of traditional commodities, collecting users' urine and further data analysis can prevent some major diseases.


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