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Huang Shasha, CEO of wdoodoo: stick to the original intention and move forward with hard work


For a company, the thoughtfulness of decision makers, the concerted efforts of the team and the development opportunities given by the times all determine the fate of the company. Since its launch nearly four years ago, Wdoodoo has grown rapidly into a B2B platform covering the whole industry chain, which is closely related to CEO Shasha Huang and the team she leads. Today, we are lucky to have an in-depth conversation with Shasha Huang, CEO of Wdoodoo, and listen to this 90-year-old CEO entrepreneur tell her entrepreneurial story with Wdoodoo.


How to crack the difficulties in the early stage of the business?


In fact, before Wdoodoo was established, Shasha Huang had already started to study the industrial chain of household paper and sanitary products, and she knew that the only way to stand firm in this industry was to enter the game and take on the difficulties, and she had the character of a Hunan native and the modesty of a 90-year-old.


At the beginning of her business, she led a team of three people deep into the household paper and sanitary products industry chain, and the initial Wdoodoo platform was officially launched on August 10, 2016, with a unique operating model of "network-wide information interaction + self-dealing + aggregated trading + supply chain services + SaaS services", which caused a lot of waves in the traditional industry.


However, Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo, recalls: "In fact, at the beginning of the launch, the Wdoodoo platform faced many market challenges. At the beginning, the team had only three people, working in a few square meters of office space, and sometimes visiting a customer would be turned away. Then, the platform fell into the dilemma of having services without objects, no sources of goods without buyers, customer service without customers, and technology without output." Perhaps, the initial establishment of Wdoodoo for CEO Huang Shasha is a life career opportunities challenge, but she said "since the choice of this market, we have to face all the difficulties, easily retreat is not my character!" As a Hunan hot girl, Shasha Huang not only acts in a "hot" style, but also has a defiant personality.


To get market recognition, we must know the household paper and sanitary products industry chain like the back of our hand, so it is natural to get to know the upstream and downstream enterprises. Initially, whenever the CEO Shasha Huang introduced the voice of doubt, she would refine the development model, corporate philosophy, service approach and target direction of Wdoodoo, by explaining the pain points of the traditional industry in a one-to-one link. At the same time, in the continuous enterprise visits, Shasha Huang will also actively communicate with the industry bigwigs, listen to the opinions and suggestions from all sides, and further improve her service experience concept, through single product strategy, category re-selling, collection procurement, supply chain extension and one-stop procurement, to provide many services for each link of the industry chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency and cut costs.


It is because of CEO Shasha Huang's enthusiasm and tenacity for the industry that the platform of Wdoodoo has become more and more well-known and reputable, and has been recognized by the industry one after another, and has gradually established in-depth cooperation with more industry enterprises, which has also enabled Wdoodoo to take a phased and substantial step forward.


Recalling the great years of the past, Shasha Huang, CEO of Wdoodoo, lamented, "From half knowledge to none, from running around on the road to sitting in the office to line up, these years, Wdoodoo let me in the best years, have the most real sense of achievement." Nearly four years in time, Sasha Huang led the team to firm direction, go forward, leading Wdoodoo to ride the wave and open a new journey.


No change of heart, humble forward


In addition to the growth of GMV, the honors are also a strong proof of the growth.


From "2016 China Health Products Industry Most Development Potential Award", "2017 China Top 30 Emerging Enterprises in Commodity E-Commerce", "2018 China Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in Commodity", "2018 World Mobile Internet Conference Emerging Enterprise", "2018 World Mobile Internet Conference Annual Emerging E-Commerce Platform" to 2019, we won the title of "National Industrial E-Commerce Operation Situation Monitoring Index Enterprise", and were listed in the "2019 China B2B Most Growing Enterprises" list and selected as "Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park 2019 Award Support Enterprise List".


When counting the honors received in the past four years, Shasha Huang, CEO of Wdoodoo, said, "The many honors received have made Wdoodoo more full of fighting spirit, while maintaining a humble attitude to continue to bring more empowerment to the household paper and sanitary products industry chain."


Embracing change and meeting challenges


Referring to the market development and changes, Sara Huang, CEO of Wdoodoo, said, "The market is always changing rapidly, and in this war without 'smoke and mirrors', we are constantly seeking innovation, embracing changes, and taking market challenges as the driving force for Wdoodoo to keep moving forward. Especially in 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic has brought a special market 'test' to Wdoodoo and various industries across the country together."


Small and medium-sized enterprises desperately trying to hold their ground in the cold wind of the epidemic, self-help, change and innovation have become a breakthrough for the continuation of the development of enterprises. Wdoodoo is also looking for new opportunities, in line with the original intention of empowering the industry chain, and trying to reinvent itself in the crisis, "aid billion - war epidemic" to support the industry chain plan, 100 group war and 618 hundred groups of shopping, industrial live with goods, global cross-border empowerment become Wdoodoo breakthrough "adversity The focus point of "adversity".


Leveraging the power of interconnection, empowering the industry, and promoting the future of the industry. Based on B2B trading of raw materials and finished products of the whole industrial chain of household paper and sanitary products, relying on the advantages of global source finding, deep supply chain, intelligent logistics and other platform services, to make up for the shortcomings of raw material supply and logistics shortage caused by the epidemic in each industrial chain, and to contribute value to help upstream and downstream enterprises to quickly resume production, Wdoodoo has ushered in a new transformation in this 'big test'. Wdoodoo has ushered in a new transformation in this 'big test' and has been recognized by more and more enterprises and people in the industry. Embracing changes and challenges, Wdoodoo has always been firm in its own development direction.


Not willing to be ordinary and stable, not afraid of the hardships of the market, the courage to turn ideas into practice, the concept into a possibility. This is the spirit of many successful entrepreneurs, and the best interpretation of Shasha Huang, CEO of Wdoodoo, a post-90s CEO entrepreneur.


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