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Correct Selection of Slim Sanitary Napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

If the surface material of the slim sanitary napkin is not good enough, it is easy to lead to insufficient penetration, and the menstrual blood will stay on the surface of the slim sanitary napkin, which is uncomfortable and unsanitary, which is more likely to cause the embarrassment of pants leakage. If the microbial index of the sanitary napkin exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases and do great harm to the body of menstruating women; If the pH value is unqualified, it will also cause menstrual skin pruritus and burning pain.

Effect of airtight slim sanitary napkin on women:

(1) Odor + pruritus: As we all know, blood has a faint smell of blood, and menstrual blood is also blood. Naturally, it will emit a unique taste of menstrual blood. If you use airtight products, this taste is difficult to disperse, and it will become more and more unpleasant and embarrassing because of the humid and greasy private environment. The skin of private places is extremely delicate, uncomfortable and smelly. At the same time, it is usually accompanied by unbearable itching!

(2) Eczema: After menstruation, many intense sports can't be done. Coupled with physical discomfort, many women choose to sit and lie down. In this case, sanitary napkins are like a raincoat, firmly wrapping their private places, which can lead to eczema in serious cases.Both cases are caused by airtightness.

Comfortable and breathable slim sanitary napkins should ensure these three points

(1) Soft cotton material; The soft cotton material with strong instantaneous absorption capacity can not only effectively avoid the viscous feeling caused by menstrual blood accumulation, but also achieve a more breathable effect and make women's private places more comfortable.

(2) Breathable bottom film; The bottom film does not seem to be in direct contact with private parts, so there is no need to pay too much attention. But in fact, the permeability of the bottom film is a necessary characteristic of a good sanitary napkin. The breathable bottom film can ensure the timely discharge of heat and moisture in private places due to packaging, so as to avoid excessive reproduction of bacteria.

(3) no stimulating essence; Many girls will choose scented ones during their menstrual period and mistakenly slimk they are refreshing and breathable. But in fact, this often stimulates women's private parts, which is easy to cause allergies, and then private parts smell and itch. Therefore, it is wise to choose non irritating sanitary napkins.

Therefore, when female friends buy slim sanitary napkins, they should not only look at the thickness, but also recognize the brand, material and permeability, so as to eliminate the harm caused by inferior products!


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