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Are Maternity Sanitary Napkins Easy to Use?

Maternity sanitary napkin is specially developed for maternity skin in sensitive periods, with its peculiarities and necessities. Generally speaking, when mothers use special sanitary napkins before and after childbirth, they need to pay special attention to their own supplies due to the special conditions of the mother's body.

1.Professionally sterilized.

The product has undergone strict quality inspection to achieve sterility, and the weight of each sanitary napkin is uniform. Since improper use of postpartum sanitary napkins can easily lead to genital tract infections, high-quality professional must be usedsanitary napkins for parturients.


2.The material of is relatively soft.

This product is developed for the special physiological state of puerperae, and fully considers the needs of puerpera in material and design. This product is relatively soft and has good air permeability, which is more suitable for the sensitive period of pregnant women, and also has a certain protective effect on the wound.

3.Good absorption.

This product is used to absorb lochia and usually have more lochia during the month, especially in the first three days. Larger products are required to prevent side leakage.


4.The ventilation effect is good.


Because women have wounds after giving birth, they need to pay great attention to air permeability. It is not as good as poor air permeability, which will lead to bacterial growth and wound infection. However, some mothers who gave birth naturally said that the use of this product is not recommended for natural childbirth, because natural childbirth will cut sideways, and airtightness will affect wound healing.

Maternity sanitary napkin as a product specially developed for mothers, if there are economic conditions, it must be used before and after childbirth, instead of being disposed of casually.


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