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Research status of baby pull-ups marketing

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Pull-ups and toddler pants Market, as the main FMCG of mother and baby products, is in the stage of rapid development. In 2025, the global market scale will reach a new height, and emerging markets will become the main driving force of growth. The marketing of baby pull-ups has attracted much attention.

Factors affecting pull-upsmarketing

Due to China's large population base, pull-ups infant enterprises are competing to seize the market, and the market competition is fierce. Foreign emerging markets are mainly concentrated in developing countries such as Southeast Asia, India and Brazil. The penetration rate of diapers in most of the first and fourth tier cities in the developed countries is still rising to 90%, while the penetration rate of diapers in most of the third and fourth tier cities in the developed countries is still rising. After in-depth study of the Chinese market, Zhao Zhongping proposed that channel sinking will be one of the development trends of Chinese baby marketing.

Ashana r believes that if the new baby brand does not have an appropriate scope of competition, the success rate of entering the market only relying on advertising and other traditional marketing modes is very low. He suggested that emerging enterprises can customize their products according to consumers' different preferences and needs, and adopt personalized marketing strategies. Wang Haigang and others believe that the current characteristics of China's infant market are the continuous improvement of the market share of medium and low-end brands in tier three and four cities, the increasing demand for high-end products by consumers in tier one and tier two cities, and paying more attention to the brand and reputation of infant products. Through the investigation and Research on consumers' purchase behavior, they found that most consumers will listen to the suggestions of acquaintances when choosing products. Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing is an important marketing means suitable for mother and baby products such as baby pull-ups. Yu Haiwei launched different types of products according to the baby's gender as a research case, put forward market segmentation strategies, improve the competitiveness of industry brands, and more importantly, promote the innovation of baby product R & D and marketing strategies.

Marketing status of domestic pull-ups

In the research on the current situation of domestic brand marketing, with the significant improvement of domestic product performance and quality, the industry competition mode will continue to be optimized and upgraded. Cao Baoping studied the sales channels of more than 100 small and medium-sized baby manufacturers in China and divided baby pull-ups into modern channels, traditional channels and special channels. Most small and medium-sized enterprises seek the development of emerging channels.

With the baby market becoming more and more transparent, multinational corporations vigorously seize the domestic market share. Most domestic enterprises work hard on market segmentation and put forward higher requirements for marketing innovation. By studying the development status of baby pull-ups in China, Wang Yu and others proposed to break the current situation that foreign giants occupy the main market share in China's baby market. Domestic brand marketing needs to be committed to product intelligent technology innovation, meet the personalized needs of consumers, and improve the market share of domestic brands through functional innovative products and personalized marketing schemes.

Reviewing the growth process of domestic brands, taking the differentiation route and avoiding competition with international brands is a breakthrough in the development of domestic pull-ups and Walker brands, mainly including product differentiation, channel differentiation and marketing differentiation.


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