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Definition and Characteristics of SAP

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SAP often appears on the material list of sanitary napkins, so what is SAP? Let's take a look today.

Definition of SAP:

Macromolecule water absorbent resin (SAP=SUPERABSORBENCYPOLYMER) is a typical functional macromolecule material. It can absorb hundreds or even thousands of times of water and has a strong water retention capacity, so it is also called super absorbent or high water retention agent. Super absorbent resin is a new type of macromolecule material, which can absorb hundreds to thousands of times of water, non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting; strong water absorption capacity, high water retention capacity, macromoleculemacromolecule → high water retention, high load absorption balance, Absorbed water cannot be squeezed out by simple physical methods and can be released repeatedly.

SAP is also known as absorbent factor, water-absorbing beads, macromolecule, water-absorbing resin, etc.

Features of SAP:

The cross-linking control of superabsorbent resin is an important aspect to control the state of its spatial organization, and the density of its cross-linking point directly affects the water absorption and water retention capacity of superabsorbent resin. Super absorbent resin has a large number of hydrophilic chemical groups in its molecular structure, and the hydrophilicity of these groups affects the water absorption performance of super absorbent resin to a great extent. How to effectively obtain the organizational structure of these chemical groups in the chemical structure of the superabsorbent resin, and give full play to the efficiency of the hydrophilic point where each chemical group is located, has become the focus of superabsorbent resin research.

  1. High water absorption properties absorb hundreds or thousands of times of deionized water;
  2. High water absorption rate Each gram of superabsorbent resin can absorb hundreds of grams of non-ionized water within 30 seconds;
  3. After high water retention, the gel is not easy to squeeze out under external pressure;
  4. After the high swelling property absorbs water, the volume of the super absorbent resin gel immediately expands hundreds of times;
  5. The molecular structure of the ammonia-absorbing low-cross-linked polyacrylate type super absorbent resin contains carboxyl anions;
  6. It can be absorbed in case of ammonia, and has obvious deodorizing effect.

Understand the definition and characteristics of SAP, then you should have a certain understanding. You can only use it with confidence if you understand the materials used in your personal items.


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