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Nappy introduction and Market Analysis

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With the aging of the population, in order to advance the layout and prevent structural problems in the future population, the government began to encourage the second child. From the separate second child policy to the full liberalization of the second child, it is a policy guidance to encourage more families to have children. In this context, on the one hand, no matter whether the next fertility rate will decline or not, the market scale of nappy and toddler pants will further expand in the next few years at least; On the other hand, as manufacturers are optimistic about the market and gradually penetrate into the market, the market competition will become more and more fierce.

Introduction to nappy

Baby nappy refers to the baby nappy made of non-woven fabric, soft cloth and paper. It is mainly used as an alternative to washing. It is usually disposable (abandoned at one time). There are three main types: ordinary nappy, tape nappy and non tape pants. nappy are strip-shaped, similar to women's sanitary napkins, and are usually used to attach to baby underwear; Adhesive tape pants are a unique elastic waist circumference and waist sticker. Wearing nappy requires adhesive tape waist buckle, which is used to replace baby underwear; Long pants are mainly for large babies. They look like small underwear and are easy to wear and take off. They are easy to wear even when the baby is standing or moving.

Analysis of domestic nappymarket

Since the 1990s, China has begun to produce baby nappy. After more than 20 years of development, from the products used by the relatively high-end rich to household daily consumables. According to the retail monitoring data of Nielsen, a world-famous market research company, the overall scale of products reached 28.75 billion, a year-on-year increase of 13%, much higher than the overall growth rate of fast moving consumer goods (food + non food). With the relaxation of the two-child policy, the demand of consumers will continue to increase and the market scale will further expand in the future. Therefore, baby nappy are a very promising market. However, it should also be noted that, on the one hand, with the expansion of demand, supply is also accelerating; On the other hand, with the rise of emerging sales channels, more and more local small and medium-sized enterprises have also participated in the competition, the market brand concentration has further decreased, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

With the change of internal and external market environment, the competition of nappy has further intensified, and the demand of consumers has also changed greatly. On the one hand, the brand strength of some brands in the eyes of consumers is declining. The brand is aging and has gradually become the choice of rural mothers. On the other hand, the retail channel has also undergone earth shaking changes, and the environmental requirements for the competitiveness of manufacturers have been further improved. In this context, the main line of this paper is how some brands sort out the current competition pattern, tap the differences and needs of consumers, focus on the expansion of key channels, and form their own core competitiveness and competitive advantage.

With the change of consumers' consumption concept and the continuous expansion of nappy and toddler pants market, we should also pay attention to the pressure of leading enterprises and the entry of other new enterprises. The competition will be more and more fierce. Therefore, how to find their own positioning, how to market their products and how to consider product upgrading are homework that enterprises need to do.


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