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Analysis of Market Competition Pattern of Disposable Diapers

Due to the opening of the two-child policy, the market of baby products such as disposable diapers and toddler pants have gradually expanded and poured into many emerging brands. However, in the mature big brands at home and abroad, how to market products is very important. On this basis, the primary task is to recognize the form and briefly understand the market competition. Therefore, this paper will analyze the competition pattern of products, introduce the market competition and performance of main manufacturers in each channel, and analyze the overall competition pattern and competition situation of each channel.

Competition pattern of disposable diapers

On the one hand, the overall market scale of disposable diapers is huge and has good development potential; On the other hand, with the continuous attack of foreign manufacturers and the continuous rise of local manufacturers, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In this context, with the rapid growth of the industry, some brands have increased by double digits compared with the industry, while others have decreased by double digits.

In the baby products industry, brand concentration is declining. Foreign funded small and medium-sized enterprises and local small and medium-sized enterprises are growing rapidly and rapidly seizing the market share, while the share of some brands themselves is declining. They not only fail to grasp the market trend and outlet, but also have a large negative growth, which is worthy of vigilance.

Channel pattern of disposable diapers

According to the data monitored by Nielsen in 2018, more than half of the sales of disposable diaper industry come from e-commerce channels, another 30% from mother and baby channels, while the importance of supermarket channels has dropped to about 16%.

The backwardness of brand is mainly due to the deviation between its channel structure and market trend. On the one hand, it relies too much on shrinking supermarket channels; on the other hand, the proportion of mother and child channels and e-commerce channels is low. Brands need to gradually shift their focus and resources from traditional supermarket channels to mother and baby channels.

Although foreign brands have brought great pressure to China, because foreign brands mainly enter the Chinese market through traditional channels such as supermarkets, they are less sensitive to emerging channels than domestic emerging brands; According to some information, we know that the current mother and baby stores and mother and Baby online platforms are the core channels for current consumer groups to obtain product information and buy products, with a penetration rate of more than 40%. In addition, the selection rate of fragmented wechat business model has also rapidly increased to 11.7%. Local brands have a better understanding of the operation mode of the above channels and have the advantage of obtaining customers.

The market development potential of disposable diapers and toddlers are undoubtedly huge, from the initial recognition to the widespread use now. But at the same time, the competition is also very fierce. Enterprises need to analyze the form in advance and choose the development mode suitable for their own strategy in order to stand out in the fierce competition.


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