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Analysis of Baby Underwear's Social Technology Environment

The analysis of social and cultural environment is of great significance for enterprises to segment the market and select the target market. The income levels of blue collar workers and white-collar workers may be roughly the same, but their consumption characteristics must be different due to the completely different social and cultural environment. Different social environments have completely different meanings for different categories. In the mainstream social attitude of encouraging the second child, this is good news for the whole baby underwear and panty shape diaper industries. In the next few years, the market scale of the industry will inevitably continue to expand, but this may not be a good social and cultural environment for condom manufacturers.

Analysis of baby underwear's social and cultural environment

With the development and progress of society, great changes have taken place in the consumption concept of Chinese consumers. With the increase of per capita disposable income and attention to children in China, consumers are more and more willing to spend money.

20 years ago, Chinese consumers usually used cotton diapers. Cotton cloth and other tools that can be cleaned and reused for a long time can be used as baby diapers. After diapers entered China, consumers began to pay attention to the use of disposable products to replace traditional diapers. In recent years, consumers began to pay attention to product functions and brands. They hope that baby underwear can bring them relaxation that saves time and energy. For infants under 6 months old, consumers will also pay special attention to the sense of security, that is, they will have stricter requirements on product quality. For infants, they will choose expensive and imported ones. For infants over 6 months old, consumers will also pay attention to the sense of achievement and hope to make infants grow up healthily through appropriate products.

Technical environment analysis of baby underwear

Some mothers are worried about the use of baby underwear mainly because they are worried that the quality of the product will affect their children's health. A few years ago, due to poor air permeability, the baby's red ass (eczema) and other problems often appeared, which made some mothers more worried. However, with the improvement of non-woven technology and production technology, the situation of baby red ass has been greatly improved. Most well-known brand products can basically eliminate the problem of red ass. Therefore, with the disappearance of mother's concerns, the penetration rate of baby underwear will be higher.

With the development of science and technology, diapers have also appeared in various new forms and product upgrades. Long pants. Smart diapers represent these new forms and are welcomed by more and more consumers.

Long pants. Parents don't think it's convenient to take off the product after 12 months in winter. Therefore, in view of this pain point, manufacturers began to develop long pants such as small underwear, which met the needs of parents in a variety of scenes and was favored by many parents.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of parents' attention to children's growth, more and more parents begin to pay attention to the trace elements needed in the process of children's growth. Therefore, some manufacturers began to develop intelligent baby underwear according to this demand. It detects the baby's feces pulled on his pants, and then outputs the results through the application to show the satisfaction of various trace elements of the baby, so as to remind parents whether the baby lacks trace elements and whether the baby has obvious diseases.

Based on previous analysis, from the perspective of society and technology, the development of baby underwear and panty shape diaper can be said to be the market trend in the future. The baby industry is a booming and promising industry.


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