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How to Buy Baby Underwear?

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From pregnancy to the birth of a child, every preferential activity, mothers hoard the most is baby underwear, but some novice mothers are at a loss about what size of baby underwear to hoard. Buying small is a waste and big is not fit.

The size of baby's underwear depends on the baby's weight.

NB: it is suitable for newborns with a weight of about 0-5kg. The baby eats more and pulls more. It needs about 10-12 tablets a day. It is expected to be used for 2-3 weeks. Generally, it needs 200-300 tablets.

S: It is suitable for babies with a weight of 4-8kg. About 10-12 tablets are needed every day. It is expected to be used for 1-2 months. Generally, 300-360 tablets are needed.

M: It is suitable for babies with a weight of about 6-11kg. About 8-10 tablets are required every day. It is expected to be used for 1-2 months. Generally, 240-300 tablets are used.

50: It is suitable for babies with a weight of about 9-14kg. It takes about 4-5 tablets a day. It can be used for about 4 months. It is recommended to buy them in boxes.

40: It is suitable for 12-17 kg babies. Use 5-6 tablets every day for about 1 year. It takes about 150 tablets.

XXL: it is suitable for babies over 15kg. Babies need 5-6 tablets every day, about 150 tablets.

It should be noted that after the baby can try to stand up, he can try to change into Lala pants. Lala pants are as convenient to wear and take off as small underwear, and it is not easy to fall off during the baby's activities, which is more close to the body and makes the baby more comfortable.

How to choose baby underwear?

Air permeability; First consider the permeability of diapers in summer. Diapers with good air permeability can ensure that the baby's buttocks are not stuffy in hot summer, keep dry and comfortable at all times, and protect the baby's delicate skin.

Soft; The diaper will fit closely to their skin, so the material used should be soft and can protect the baby's delicate skin.

Absorptive capacity; Babies in infancy will often pee, so diapers should have good water absorption capacity, which can absorb the urine in time, keep the baby's butt dry and refreshing, prevent the occurrence of diaper rash, and will not affect his mood.

Leak proof side; The baby grows up every day, so he prefers to move. Well, it should be able to safely isolate urine and soft stool to prevent leakage, so that the little guy's ass can be more comfortable.

The sizes are generally Nb (below 5kg), s (4-8kg), m (6-11kg), l (9-14kg), and XL is more suitable for babies with 12-17kg.

I hope this article can help parents who want to buy baby underwear. Delicate baby skin, improper choice of skin care or diapers may lead to red buttocks and diaper rash. So a lesson for novice parents is to learn how to choose a product suitable for their baby.


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