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Application of water absorbent resin

# water absorbent resin

In daily life, the understanding of water absorbent resin may be the application of disposable daily necessities such as diapers, but in fact, its application scope is very common, far beyond the field of daily necessities.

1. Application of water absorbent resin in agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture.

The super absorbent resin used in agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture is also called humectant and soil conditioner. China is a serious water shortage country in the world. Therefore, the application of moisturizer is more and more important. At this stage, the super absorbent resin products developed and designed in more than a dozen scientific research institutes in China have been used in the application experiments of more than 60 kinds of green plants such as grain crops, cotton wadding, oil, sugar, tobacco, fruits, vegetables and mountain forests, with a total marketing area of more than 70000 square kilometers. Northwest, Inner Mongolia and other places use super absorbent resin to carry out large-scale sand control landscaping and afforestation. The super absorbent resin used in this field is mainly cassava starch modified acrylate aggregation chemical crosslink and n-butyrate acrylate copolymer chemical crosslink, in which the salt has changed from sodium type to potassium type. The operation methods mainly include mixing, spraying, fire evacuation, acupoint use, or soaking the roots of green plants after mixing the water into viscosity. At the same time, super absorbent resin can also be used for fertilizer application after chemical fertilizer packaging, so as to make full use of the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and avoid consumption and environmental pollution. Super absorbent resins are also used as raw materials for refrigerated packaging of fruits, vegetables and food. Demi chemical plant covers an area of more than 30000 square meters and is specialized in product R & D and manufacturing of water absorbent materials (SAP). It is the first high-tech enterprise engaged in super absorbent resin in China.


2. Application of water absorbent resin in medical services.

Mainly used as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, paper towels and medical ice bags; Daily aromatic raw materials are used to adjust the environmental atmosphere. As ointment, moisturizing cream, scrubbing agent, cataplasm and other matrix medical materials, it has the functions of moisturizing, moisturizing, thickening, skin infiltration, glue suspicion and so on. It can also be made into intelligent media to control the release amount, time and space of drugs.


3. Application of water absorbent resin in industrial production.

The moisture-proof desiccant for industrial production is made of super absorbent resin, absorbent material and water released at ultra-low temperature. In the oil and gas field production plant and the old oil and gas field production plant in the city square, the polymeric ferric sulfate solution has a very good practical effect of oil displacement. It can also be used for drying organic solutions, especially for very small organic solutions. There are also industrial production of tackifiers, water-soluble architectural coatings, etc.

4. Application of water absorbent resin in buildings.

The rapidly expanding raw material used in water conservancy and hydropower projects is pure super absorbent resin, which is mainly used for plugging the loopholes of embankment system, basement, tunnel and subway station prefabricated joints in flood season; The slurry used for domestic sewage treatment and dredging works is solidified, which is conducive to excavation and transportation.


5. Application of water absorbent resin in small toys.

Using water absorbent resin to make fashionable ocean babies in the sales market can earn a high price.
Water absorbent resin has the characteristics of environmental protection and harmlessness. In recent years, water absorbent polymers have been widely used in the medical industry because of their non-toxic properties, no stimulation to the body, no side effects and no coagulation. For example, for moisture content. Apply comfortable external ointment; Production and manufacture of medical bandages and cotton wool, digestion and absorption of surgical treatment and increased traumatic bleeding and secretions to avoid ulceration; Create anti infective artificial skin, make water and drugs pass through, and microbial strains pass through.
With the development of science and technology, we are more and more concerned about environmental protection. If the absorbent polymer is put into the cloth bag that can dissolve the wastewater and seeps into the wastewater, when the packaging bag melts, the absorbent polymer can quickly digest and absorb the liquid and solidify the wastewater.


6. Application of water absorbent resin in electronic industry.

It can be used as temperature sensor, moisture accurate measurement sensor and water seepage detector. It can be used as heavy metal ion absorbent and degreasing raw material.

Water absorbent resin has become an indispensable raw material in life. Although people usually don't realize it, it has already penetrated into all fields.


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