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How to Maintain and Care for Menstrual Pants Machinery?


Menstrual pants machinery maintenance is a daily task that must be performed by operators to keep the machinery running properly and extend its service life.

Four requirements for the maintenance of menstrual pants machinery

(1) neat: tools, workpieces, accessories are neatly placed; safety guards are complete; line piping is complete.

(2) sales: clean equipment inside and outside; sliding surface, screw, gears, rack without oil, no bruises; parts without oil leaks, water leaks, gas leaks, electricity leaks; clean debris garbage.

(3) Lubrication: oil change on time, oil quality meets the requirements; oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, oil felt, oil line clean and complete, oil mark bright, oil path smooth.

(4) safety: the implementation of fixed person fixed machine, handover system; familiar with the structure of equipment, comply with operating procedures, reasonable use of equipment, careful maintenance of equipment, to prevent accidents.


Maintenance management content of menstrual pants machinery

Menstrual pants equipment maintenance can be divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance; general maintenance, regional maintenance and key equipment maintenance can be divided into maintenance methods. The maintenance consists of inspection, examination, adjustment, lubrication, disassembly, cleaning, replacement and other on-site management and maintenance work.


The management standard of oil leakage of menstrual pants machinery

(1) oil seepage: oil traces are not obvious, oil traces wipe clean within 5 minutes without oil traces for oil seepage.

(2) oil leakage: oil stains are obvious, some form oil droplets, oil stains or oil droplets within 5 minutes after wiping oil leakage.

(3) Oil leakage point: those with obvious oil stains or oil drops are oil leakage points.

(4) No oil leakage equipment: static bonding surface without oil leakage, dynamic bonding surface without oil leakage, for no oil leakage equipment. 80% of the combined surface without oil leakage, no more than one drop of oil leakage in three minutes.

(5) serious oil leakage equipment: equipment with one of the following conditions, or a minute of oil dripping more than three drops, for serious oil leakage equipment.

(6) general oil leakage equipment: serious oil leakage phenomenon but the degree of oil leakage is not enough, for general oil leakage equipment.

(7) processing qualified: static fit surface no oil leakage, dynamic fit surface (lubrication guide, screw, light bar and other moving parts except) no oil leakage.


In summary, the maintenance of menstrual pants machinery is very important.


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