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Are Training Pants Really Useful for Getting Rid of Diapers?

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The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that babies can start toilet training at the age of 1.5-2 and gradually quit diapers. Because during this period, the baby's big movements and fine movements gradually mature, can master the basic toilet movements, and have the ability to understand simple instructions and speak out simple needs. The training pants claim that they can let the baby experience the humidity and discomfort after peeing his pants, so as to slowly get rid of diapers and go to the toilet independently. It is reported that the crotch of the training pants adopts the thickened design of multi-layer gauze + TPU waterproof layer. It feels much thicker than ordinary underwear. Is it really more breathable than diapers? Let's measure it.

Air permeability test of training pants

Test method: put 100ml water into a beaker, put ordinary underwear, diapers, training crotch and waist flat at the mouth of the cup, heat it in a microwave oven for 1 minute, take it out and stand for 30 minutes, and compare the weight difference before and after evaporation.

Test results: from the test results, ordinary underwear is undoubtedly the lightest and breathable. Although the air permeability of the waist is better than that of the diaper, the air permeability of the crotch is not as good as that of the diaper. The crotch is where the baby needs to breathe most. Training diapers are no more breathable and comfortable than diapers. And its crotch has a waterproof layer similar to the diaper pad. The baby peed wet when wearing training diapers alone, but the outermost cloth of the crotch may be dry. Parents do not know it with the naked eye and cannot replace it in time, which is easy to lead to the baby's red butts.

The waterproof layer of training diapers is wet, and the outermost layer is dry. Therefore, the permeability of crotch: ordinary underwear > diapers > training pants


Water absorption and leak proof performance test of training pants

Test method: put filter paper under the training pants and ordinary underwear, open the funnel valve containing 80ml normal saline to the maximum, stop the experiment when there is liquid seepage, and weigh the weight before and after.

The test results are as follows: compared with ordinary underwear, the thickened crotch of training diapers can indeed absorb more liquid. But when the baby urinates once (about 80ml), it can't bear it. After 80 ml of water was poured out, the whole filter paper under the training urine pants was wet, almost the same as ordinary underwear.

The so-called leak proof effect of training diapers is based on a very small amount of urine. Therefore:

water absorption: Diaper > training pants > ordinary underwear,

leak proof performance: Diaper > training pants > ordinary underwear


(1) The air permeability of the training crotch is worse than that of diapers.

(2) Water absorption is general, but also leak urine, soak the coat and bedding, which is equivalent to the thickened version of ordinary underwear.

(3) In terms of training the baby to go to the bathroom independently, the effect is no different from that of ordinary underwear.


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