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Quit Nappy Skills and Say Goodbye to Nappy

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When should children quit nappy? Many parents have such a problem, but it's not difficult to get their baby to quit nappy.

Quit nappy depends on the child's maturity

Children use big things when they are young. If they are suddenly asked to remove them, they will be very resistant because they will lack a sense of security. When can I quit? There is no special mention of how old you can start to quit. Because taking off diapers is a great challenge for children and needs to face physical and mental maturity, every child is very different. Clinically, it is usually recommended to quit at the age of one and a half to two years old. Because children at this age are learning to speak, they may be happy to share with you whether they pee or urinate, but it mainly depends on each child's physical and psychological maturity.

Physiological maturity refers to whether he will physically recognize the feeling of wanting to pee or urinate. Even if some babies can't speak, they will use the way of patting their stomach to express that they want to pee or defecate. When they feel uncomfortable, they go to their parents for help. All this means that children know what it's like to feel warm physically. Some children don't feel it, so it's also related to their psychological maturity.

The good time to quit nappy depends on these three points

Parents can observe their children's situation. If they have these performances, it is a good time to quit.

(1) The children once took the initiative to express that diapers was wet and wanted to replace them.

(2) The children once expressed on their own initiative: I want to pee.

(3) Children don't reject sitting in the toilet.

One and a half year old children not only begin to face quitting nappy, but also their parents will be ready to quit bottles, pacifiers and even breast milk. These changes are a little pressure for children. These things need to be done one by one. Don't quit at the same time.


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