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How to Choose pull-up Pants?

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Many mothers, when the baby grows to a certain extent and becomes active, will choose pull-up pants for the baby, but how to choose? What's the difference between T-shaped and U-shaped pull-up pants? Which is better? Let's get to know.

How to choose pull-up pants?

(1) The tailoring design should be comfortable and soft

Why do we need our baby to wear pull-up pants? It's just that the baby starts to become active and likes to climb and walk. Therefore, when mothers gives baby a choice, she must pay special attention to the choice of a more comfortable tailoring so that the baby can move freely. Otherwise, parents may strangle and rub the baby's thigh or waist. Some babies have sensitive skin and can suddenly turn red.


(2) Choose the right size

When the baby is active, the activities will naturally become more and the body movements will naturally be larger. Therefore, when buying pull-up pants for the baby, remember to choose according to the baby's age, weight, height and other factors. Otherwise, it may be because the diaper is inappropriate, too tight or too loose, which hinders the baby's movements and causes discomfort.


(3) Adequate absorption

Whether ordinary diapers or pull-up pants diapers, they should have good absorption and fast absorption speed. The frequency of baby urination will be relatively fast if the absorption is not good. If mothers sometimes have no time to change baby's diapers because of poor absorption, the baby's ass may be in a humid and muggy environment for a long time, which may lead to the baby's red ass. When we choose, we need to pay attention to its dryness and softness.

Difference between T-shaped pull-up pantsand U-shaped pull-up pants

pull-up pants is divided into T-shaped and U-shaped. In addition to choosing according to the above description, how should a mother choose T-shaped and U-shaped? Let's introduce them respectively.

(1) T-shaped pull-up pants

Also known as three pieces, it refers to bonding the waist ring and the bottom film with adhesive. There is a fixed belt, which needs to be tied to the baby's waist. It can be adjusted according to the baby's body. Too loose will lead to the displacement of diapers, and then lead to the side leakage of turning over, which can not play a protective role. Too tight will lead to the baby's waist discomfort.

In addition, T-shaped pull-up pants is suitable for babies who can't turn over, because it's not so fixed. If the baby turns over and moves easily, it will easily lead to displacement. Therefore, it is recommended to choose U-shaped for babies who will turn over or are more mobile.

(2) U-shaped pull-up pants

Also known as two-piece, it refers to the integration of waist ring, which is closely connected with the core, which is equivalent to briefs. The hip wrapping effect is good and more comfortable, which can prevent side leakage and back leakage. U-shape is more suitable for babies who can turn over and move easily. Mothers can choose the right style for baby according to own needs.

The emergence of diapers has reduced some burdens for mothers on the way of raising children, while the emergence of pull-up pants has provided greater convenience for mothers. We should make better use of these conveniences to make it easier for us to take care of our children.


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