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How to Buy Pads with Wings?

Some women prefer to use pads with wings when using sanitary napkins. At present, most offline stores do not sell pads with wings, and there are few online stores. This paper introduces the relevant shopping strategies.

The best time to buy pads with wings

The two largest comprehensive promotions each year are 618 and double 11. In these two periods, each category will fall to the lowest price in history, and discounts such as installment payments and gifts are also very strong, which is more suitable for hoarding.

In addition to 618 and double 11, other nodes such as double 12, double day (Christmas + New Year's day), new year's day, Valentine's day, labor day, 517 Telecom day, 818, Mid Autumn Festival, national day and so on generally also have preferential activities. The anniversary celebrations of various brands generally have promotional activities, and the price reduction is not small.

Select and purchase pads with wings

Selection link: you should carefully read the introduction of the commodity and clarify the basic information of the commodity. When looking at the comments, you must look at the additional comments, especially those added a few days later. Some sellers will give you high praise in order to brush the high praise and cash it back, but the addition is no problem, and the problems of some things are exposed after a period of time. Then look at the sales volume. Although the sales volume can't prove anything, there is no guarantee for those with low sales volume. At first, you can see those who return goods for seven days without reason. Generally, if you don't like the goods received, you can pack them and return them.

Purchase link: when purchasing sanitary napkins, you'd better choose official websites such as Taobao and Basically, there will be various preferential activities such as full reduction. After receiving the goods, check whether the packing box is damaged. After unpacking, check whether the goods are damaged and whether the quantity of goods is sufficient. Be sure to check the production date!

Finally, remember not to go to unknown stores to buy all kinds of promotional pads with wings, so as to be greedy for small and cheap. The price of good goods will not be outrageous. Every penny is worth every penny!


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