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How to Properly Maintain Sanitary Napkin Machine?

Good sanitary napkin machine, coupled with correct maintenance, can increase the service life. Next, I will tell you how to maintain the sanitary napkin machine.

Regular maintenance of sanitary napkin machine

According to the maintenance requirements of sanitary napkin machine, after reaching the specified working hours or time, corresponding regular maintenance must be carried out, including the following contents:

(1) The first level maintenance is carried out on the basis of daily maintenance, focusing on lubrication, fastening, inspection and cleaning of relevant parts.

(2) The secondary maintenance work focuses on inspection and adjustment. Check the motor, transmission, transmission mechanism, working device, air pressure system and electrical system, and make necessary adjustments to eliminate the faults found, so as to ensure the good working performance of mechanical assemblies and components.

(2) The key point is to detect, adjust and eliminate the mechanical hidden dangers of sanitary napkin machine, and balance the wear degree of each component. Diagnose and check the parts that affect the service performance and the parts with fault signs, and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting.


Routine maintenance of sanitary napkin machine

The daily maintenance of sanitary napkin machine equipment focuses on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fastening. Daily inspection and maintenance shall be carried out before, during and after each shift. Mechanical operators complete routine maintenance independently.

(1) In order to ensure that the sanitary napkin machine is always in a prominent skill state and can be put into operation at any time, reduce the shortcomings of downtime, trek the integrity and utilization of the machinery, reduce the wear and tear of the machinery, prolong the service life, reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the machinery, and ensure safe production, the operation and maintenance operation must be strengthened;

(2) The mechanical maintenance of sanitary napkin machine must follow the principle of paying attention to maintenance and prevention, maintain on time and forcibly, and correctly handle the relationship between application, maintenance and repair. It is not allowed to use only and repair only;

(2) Each team must carry out individual maintenance operations according to three maintenance procedures and categories of sanitary napkin machine, which shall not be postponed without reason. Under special circumstances, the maintenance can be postponed only after being attached by a specially assigned person in charge, but generally it shall not exceed half of the specified maintenance interval;

(3) The production of sanitary napkin machine maintenance machinery shall ensure the quality, and shall be carried out item by item according to the specified items and requirements, and shall not be omitted or not guaranteed. The maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found during maintenance shall be recorded and reported to the professional engineer of this part;

(5) The maintenance personnel and the maintenance department shall carry out three inspections and one handover, self inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one notice, constantly summarize the maintenance experience and improve the maintenance quality.


The quality of sanitary napkin machine management has a decisive impact on the economic and technical indicators such as the quantity, quality and cost of enterprise products. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation rules, pay attention to correct use, careful maintenance and scientific maintenance, and strive to improve the integrity of the equipment.


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