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Maintenance Method of Tampon Machine


Tampon mechanical maintenance aims to maintain and protect the performance and technical condition of tampon equipment through general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment.

Use tampon machine correctly

The operators and maintenance personnel shall correctly use and carefully maintain the tampon machine with a master attitude, and maintain the tampon machine with a serious attitude and scientific method. Adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to maintenance. Strictly implement the post responsibility system and implement the mechanical package mechanism to ensure that the tampon equipment is intact.

Operate the tampon machine correctly

Through on-the-job training and learning technology, operators can realize four and three (understand the structure, performance, use, use, maintenance and troubleshooting), that is, they have the right to prevent others from using tampon machine; Overloaded machine without preventive measures or approval of the main customer department has the right to stop using. In case of abnormal operation of machine, overdue maintenance and non-compliance of safety devices, it has the right to stop using.

Observe the operating procedures of tampon machine

(1) Strictly abide by the operating procedures, carefully prepare before startup, repeatedly check during startup, properly handle after shutdown, adjust the operation, carefully implement the operation indicators, and do not overtemperature, overpressure, overspeed and overload.

(2) Master the prevention, judgment and emergency measures for each mechanical failure of tampon, and keep the safety protection device complete and easy to use.

(3) Carefully maintain, strictly implement the inspection system, and hold three treasures (board hand, stethoscope and RAG) with five character operation method (listening, wiping, smelling, watching and comparing). Check the tampon machine regularly and carefully according to the patrol inspection route, solve problems and eliminate hidden dangers in time. Cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment and corrosion prevention (i.e. cross operation). Keep parts, accessories and tools intact.

(4) Carefully fill in the tampon machine operation record, defect record and operation diary.

(5) The tampon machine shall be operated in a planned manner, switched regularly, and prepared for maintenance by cooperating with the maintenance personnel. It shall always be in good condition to ensure operation at any time. The standby machine shall be turned regularly to prevent freezing and condensation.

(6) Always keep the tampon machine and environment clean and sanitary, and ensure that the ditch is bottomed out, the shaft is exposed to light, the machine is exposed to natural color, and the door and window glass is clean.

Lubricate the tampon machine

Strictly implement the petrochemical tampon mechanical lubrication management system, and adhere to the five and three-level filtration (five: fixed point, fixed time, fixed quality, fixed quantity and fixed person; three-level filtration: from oil barrel to post oil storage barrel, post oil storage barrel to oil pot, oil pot to refueling point). At the same time, clean and replace the lubricating parts and oil tank regularly. Tampon machine Maintenance personnel shall inspect on time, deal with problems in time, and cooperate with operators in safety production.


There must be a clear division of labor for the maintenance of tampon machine, and timely do a good job in anti freezing, anti condensation, thermal insulation, cold insulation, anti-corrosion, plugging and other work.


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