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Maintenance of Thin Sanitary Napkin Machine


Good maintenance can reduce equipment failures, improve equipment utilization and create higher economic benefits. On the contrary, the high failure rate will increase the maintenance cost and use cost, shorten the service life of the equipment, reduce the investment value, increase the shutdown rate and affect the production. The maintenance of thin sanitary napkin machine is generally divided into several stages.

Aging maintenance of thin sanitary napkin machine

The remarkable feature of this maintenance method is that it can be repaired only when the thin sanitary napkin machine is aging and broken. There is no spare parts management and ordering plan, and there is no fixed maintenance plan. Immediate maintenance means that the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately in case of abnormal phenomena during operation, and the maintenance personnel should be notified for maintenance. Do not operate with disease. After maintenance, check inside and around the thin sanitary napkin equipment to see if there are tools or rags in the machine.

Preventive maintenance of thin sanitary napkin machine

This maintenance method is carried out according to the predetermined time period. The specified maintenance table can be referred to. No downtime is recorded and analyzed. The shutdown rate of the machine can be relatively reduced. The planned maintenance of thin sanitary napkin machine is to formulate annual and quarterly maintenance plans according to the maintenance requirements and the actual situation of the equipment, replace the parts to be repaired, check all aspects of the lubrication system, check a large number of electrical appliances, and replace the parts that affect the operation safety of workers and the safety of machines.

Productive maintenance of thin sanitary napkin machine

This maintenance method can be followed by rules, and the maintenance and replacement shall be carried out according to the instructions of thin sanitary napkin machine. The spare parts system is relatively perfect; The equipment can operate at low cost and high output. In addition to the active maintenance of the equipment, whether the maintenance work is in place in time is also related to the service life and accuracy of the machine. Maintenance work is generally completed by professional maintenance personnel, which is mainly divided into immediate maintenance and planned maintenance.


People are the key factor of enterprise management. Only by giving full play to people's subjective initiative can we ensure the effectiveness of equipment maintenance. Therefore, it is important to update employees' thoughts and improve their technical quality. In addition, we should also cultivate and improve the excellent operation and maintenance technology of employees, and establish a perfect thin sanitary napkin machine maintenance system, which is the basis for printing enterprises to realize the good operation of equipment.


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