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Importance of Preventive and Regular Maintenance to Soft Thin Sanitary Napkin Machine


Preventive and regular maintenance are essential to the efficiency and life of soft thin sanitary napkin machine. It can be used to predict and repair the failure and possible deterioration of the machine as soon as possible. The following preventive maintenance measures can ensure the normal operation of soft thin sanitary napkin equipment.

Regular inspection of soft thin sanitary napkin machine

Systematically check the machine and related equipment. Depending on the type and scope of use of soft thin sanitary napkin machine, it may need to be checked annually, monthly, weekly or even daily. Priority should be given to the use of machines that are extremely difficult or that may cause serious accidents or production delays in the event of failure. Develop a checklist for each equipment to make the inspection efficient and consistent.Parts repair and replacement of soft thin sanitary napkin machine

Establish a regular replacement plan for key or basic mechanical parts before the parts of soft thin sanitary napkin machine show signs of serious deterioration. In addition to the expected replacement schedule, repair or replacement of worn or defective parts shall be prepared during routine inspection. Keep spare parts inventory and take corrective measures in time after inspection.

Record keeping of soft thin sanitary napkin machine

Checklists and inspection reports are valuable tools for improving your maintenance plan. In order to determine service requirements, maintenance and parts replacement plan, keep records of inspection, replacement and important findings, as well as a list of data and specifications of all soft thin sanitary napkin machines.

Follow up evaluation of soft thin sanitary napkin machine

Once you have established a soft thin sanitary napkin machine maintenance plan, please follow up with the machine operator and other employees. Check whether the report is completed as planned and whether the parts inventory is new. Generally speaking, whether the procedure needs to be improved or adjusted. The periodic evaluation plan will help to maintain the state of the new machine and show the continuous support of management.


Preventive maintenance and scheduled equipment maintenance can reduce the possibility of soft thin sanitary napkin machine failure, reduce the risks faced by technicians in on-site maintenance, and significantly reduce accidents in the workplace.


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