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Introduction of Pull-ups WeChat Marketing

WeChat marketing refers to the marketing behavior of enterprises or individuals using the WeChat social network platform to publicize and promote by publishing texts, pictures and videos related to products or services. The products that choose to sell through the WeChat channel usually have the characteristics of consumables, that is, fast-moving consumer goods with high repeat purchase rate, large market demand and considerable profits. The pull-ups and training pants discussed in this article have these characteristics. Generally speaking, WeChat agents form different agency levels according to investment funds, and each agency level has corresponding income models and profit margins. Under the constraints of relevant agency policies, the market pricing system is relatively strict. WeChat marketing can be divided into three modes: personal management, brand creation, and platform operation according to the main participation links.

Personal management of pull-ups brand

Personal management refers to the business model in which individuals attract friends to buy in Moments by posting copy, product pictures or videos. This model is completed from the aspects of product procurement, promotion, sales, distribution and so on. The entire sales process is completed by the seller personally, the division of labor is not clear, and the workload is large. But its advantage is that product pricing is flexible, the sales model is free, and it is not constrained by the agency system. Common personal management in life, such as selling one's own souvenirs through WeChat, purchasing foreign products, etc.

Creation of pull-ups brand

Brand building is divided into two categories: one is to establish a new brand, by establishing a distribution team, recruiting agents at all levels through WeChat channels, and realizing WeChat agent fission and developing product marketing, such as honeystone cosmetics; the other is independent brand transformation, through online and offline. channel, give full play to its own advantages, improve brand awareness and increase market share, such as the company's baby pull-ups.

Operation of pull-ups platform

Platform operation refers to the establishment of an online trading platform by an enterprise. Brand chain enterprises, foreign enterprises, self-employed or individuals can conduct product display, order payment and other transaction links through the platform. Referrers can also earn commissions if they refer others to order through the platform through social sharing. For example, big V stores. Shellfish shop and more.


Infants pull-ups and training pants of Company A, the research object of this paper, belong to the form of brand creation on the WeChat platform, which has changed from the traditional marketing model to the WeChat marketing path. In more than two years, more than 800,000 WeChat agents have been recruited, and many agents have shared through the WeChat platform. introduce. Promote products and other ways to achieve transactional marketing mode.


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