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Background of Pull-ups WeChat Marketing

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With the emergence of the Internet age, WeChat marketing, as an innovative form of corporate marketing model, has appeared in the public eye. WeChat marketing is a new marketing model based on the mandatory use of WeChat, which has the characteristics of a point-to-point innovative marketing model. Merchants can use the WeChat platform to send product information to WeChat users to achieve marketing purposes. With the rapid development of mobile terminal technology, the functions of WeChat are becoming more and more powerful and perfect, and the business opportunities contained in it are growing explosively. Nowadays, with the improvement of economic level, people's pursuit of material and spiritual life is getting higher and higher. Smartphones play a very important role in daily life, and it is not an exaggeration to describe them as necessities of life. Such an era background has also created a new business marketing model - WeChat marketing. WeChat marketing is a commodity transaction behavior generated through the WeChat social software platform. Its marketing model is based on commodity sharing, promotes products through direct communication with users, wins user trust, stimulates purchasing interest, and achieves the purpose of promoting transactions. Therefore, related companies have begun to try to use WeChat as a marketing tool for pull-ups and toddler pants.

Feasibility analysis of WeChat marketing applied to pull-ups

WeChat marketing model is a new marketing model for enterprises or individuals to carry out marketing activities through social media platforms. With the rapid development of WeChat marketing, it has attracted more and more enterprises to transform, and marketing methods tend to be diversified. The WeChat marketing model has been controversial since its emergence, but it has not reversed the development trend of the WeChat economy. WeChat marketing is a new social e-commerce model. Its appearance not only improves the economic market form, enriches the market structure, but also eases people's employment difficulties. But at the same time, it also exposed some problems, such as lack of product quality assurance, lack of good and bad, lack of after-sales service and guarantee, simple and rough marketing methods are easily disgusting and so on. Many companies adopting the WeChat marketing model cannot correctly understand the needs of the consumer market, there are differences in understanding between the supply and demand sides, the WeChat marketing methods are low, lack of corporate brand management awareness, and vicious competition is rampant.


Example of pull-ups WeChat Marketing of Company A

The self-adjusting marketing strategy of Company A discussed in this article is aimed at the current WeChat market in full swing, changing from the original traditional marketing model to an innovative WeChat marketing model. In less than three years of transformation, Company A has transformed from an unknown baby pull-ups manufacturer to a well-known domestic baby pull-ups brand with an annual sales of over 1.5 billion, with over 800,000 WeChat agents. However, in the face of a complex and unpredictable market environment, Company A has exposed some marketing problems that need to be improved while developing rapidly, and needs to continuously optimize and improve its WeChat marketing strategy.

Based on the in-depth analysis of the WeChat marketing environment and marketing status of Baby pull-ups of Company A, this paper scientifically analyzes the market research data, and finds marketing problems such as single product structure, chaotic market prices, low logistics efficiency, high costs, and urgent need for improvement in customer service. After finding the problem, he formulated marketing strategies such as differentiated marketing strategy, operation mode optimization strategy, customer service optimization strategy and so on for Company A. In order to provide company A with a reference development concept in the fierce market competition environment, explore the WeChat channel strategy suitable for the pull-ups market, so that company A can achieve healthy, orderly and long-term development.



The use of WeChat is familiar to domestic users, and people often use it for work, entertainment, social networking, and more. But again, precisely because it has a large number of users, the commercial value it contains is also unimaginable. Therefore, the perfect combination of pull-ups and toddler pants marketing and WeChat may be the key way for enterprises to stand out.


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